Milk Chocolate Candy
A Creamy Creation!

milk chocolate candy

Even the words "milk chocolate candy" bring a smile to my face.

Very few people can resist the allure of delicious milk chocolate. Creamy milk chocolate is a sumptuous indulgence that makes any occasion just a little more special.

It may be something as simple as sharing a candy bar with your kids or getting a bag of Hershey's kisses to make those fantastic "Kiss cookies." Chocolate brightens each day and builds wonderful memories. :)

Milk chocolate is made from a combination of the cocoa components chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, and cocoa powder, but also includes milk solids or powder.

The Swiss chocolatier, Daniel Peter, is credited with inventing milk chocolate candy in 1876, and since then milk chocolate has become the most popular and most consumed chocolate on the market. I certainly do eat my fair share, and then some. :)

Americans were surveyed, and it was reported that chocolate won as the favorite flavor (I could have saved them time and told them that!). According to my reading, the average American eats more than 11 pounds of chocolate a year.

I think I must be helping to raise the average for those unusual people who don't eat their share, because I certainly consume far more than 11 pounds! Here are some of my favorites...

Now that you've had a chance to drool over those goodies, you probably won't be surprised to learn that milk chocolate candy was voted the preferred variety of chocolate.

However, you might be astounded to know that US consumers eat more than 3 billion pounds of chocolate per year. That is great news for the manufacturers. They make over $13 billion dollars from chocolate sales!

I have to admit that milk chocolate candy is not the healthiest of the chocolate choices. Dark chocolate holds that honor, of course, since it doesn't have as much sugar and has the added benefit of natural antioxidants.

Milk chocolate is absolutely delicious, but most varieties really do need to be eaten in moderation.

I have always struggled with my weight, even when I was a child. The thought of never eating chocolate is too depressing for words! Instead, I have learned over the years that it is okay to treat myself to some delicious milk chocolate, as long as I don't go overboard. Knowing I allow myself to enjoy chocolate candy makes me less desperate to have some.

You may be more like my "little" sister. She is little in every sense of the word. Heather is 3 years younger than me and has always been very thin. In fact, she has struggled to gain weight. :) I was always jealous because she could eat as much chocolate candy as she wanted without worrying about her waistline. Grrr!

Whether you are more like me or like my sister, don't feel guilty if you spoil yourself with a bit of scrumptious chocolate from time to time. :) Enjoy yourself. Just remember, even the best things in life are better when we are temperate.

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