Microwave Praline Candy Recipe

by Angie

I finally got around to making the microwave praline candy recipe listed here.

It tastes really delicious, but I had to make some slight alterations.

First of all, I didn't have any pecans, so instead of using another type of nut I decided just to make the candy without it. :) I really don't prefer nuts in my candy anyway.

I decided to add about a tablespoon of light corn syrup to the sugar and milk mixture as an interfering agent.

I went ahead and microwaved at full power for 6 minutes, stirred the mixture and heated another 6 minutes.

After stirring in the butter and vanilla, I heated another 2 minutes and then tried beating it with the mixer. After a couple of minutes, there was still no change or thickening.

I decided to pop it back into the microwave to heat it further. I went for 4 minutes and then 4 minutes again, stirring in between.

I was afraid of burning the candy, so I quit and started mixing again. In retrospect, I SHOULD have let it cool for a minute or two before mixing, but I dove right in.

I ended up having to beat it for several minutes until the mixture thickened, but once it did, all was well.

They really are delicious, even without the pecans. Trouble is, I'm supposed to be starting a new diet tomorrow. How am I going to eat them all before then??? :)

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