Merckens Candy Melts Too Thick When Melted

by B

Why are Merckens candy melts too thick when melted?

Whenever I try to melt Merckens candy melts...they melt, but end up more the consistency of pudding.

I've tried adding Crisco or vegetable oil but it won't thin out. I use it for making cake pops.

Please help!!

Hi B,

What process are you using to melt the Merckens candy melts? If you are using the microwave, try to use a double boiler instead and be sure to keep the temperature low (water just barely simmering).

Most of the candy melt brands are much more sensitive to heat than regular chocolate and they can act funny when heated to a temperature that is just a bit too hot.

If that's not the problem in your situation, I would highly suggest that you get some Paramount Crystals to use when melting the candy melts (bottom of that page).

Paramount Crystals work really well for thinning out chocolate and they are so inexpensive that you'll be glad to save yourself the headaches and frustration of melting chocolate without them.

All you need to do is add one tablespoon of the Paramount Crystals to each pound of chocolate candy melts you are going to be melting. This should solve your problem for you and let you get back to making those yummy cake pops!


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Dec 09, 2012
candy too think NEW
by: Anonymous

I make candy often and only like to use Merckens.
If the candy it too old, it will never melt properly. Adding vegtable oil will not solve the problem. Make sure it is not too hot. I bought some old stuff in wendell,North Carolina & will never buy from there again.

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