Melting Chocolate

Can I melt chocolate using a rice cooker? It has a steamer basket that you can cook veggie's on and a bowl underneath for the rice.

I thought it would be okay to maybe melt the chocolate since it melts by steam anyway??? Thanks for any help.

I suppose melting chocolate with a rice cooker is possible, but you'll need to be very careful NOT to get any steam in the chocolate.

Chocolate really isn't melted by using steam, but I think I understand what you are referring to. When you use a double boiler, you put water in the bottom and a bowl over it with the chocolate in it for melting.

Even then, you have to be careful not to allow even one drop of water from steam to get in the chocolate. If you do, the melting chocolate will seize up and be completely unmanageable.

If you are going to try the rice cooker, you'll probably want to put some water in the bottom bowl and use another bowl with the chocolate in it over the cooker - much like you would with a double boiler.

Let us know if you melt your chocolate successfully using this method. :)


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