Medical Marijuana THC Safety Symbol Candy Bar Mold

by Russell Clark
(San Antonio, Texas USA)

Medical Marijuana THC Safety Symbol Chocolate Mold

Medical Marijuana THC Safety Symbol Chocolate Mold

Medical Marijuana THC Safety Symbol Chocolate Mold THC Safety Symbol Chocolate Candy Mold Chocolate Mold For Medical Marijuana Safety Symbol Mold for Chocolate Medical Marijuana

The use of Medical Marijuana is becoming more and more popular and acceptable throughout the USA. One of the favorite ways consumers have found for taking their dose is in combination with chocolate. What an ideal solution!

The creative among us, who like to make their own marijuana dosed chocolates need to be aware of the safety issues and guidelines that need to be followed in order to keep everyone safe, especially children.

We've solved this problem by designing and making available Medical Marijuana Safety Symbol Molds for creating your own marijuana infused chocolates.

Each mold is made with premium food-grade silicone rubber and is hand poured when ordered.

Every cavity of the candy mold is embossed with the new Colorado THC warning symbol so that each piece is properly labeled for safety. This will help protect children and non cannabis users from accidentally eating cannabis edibles.

Order Your Mold Today!

Candy Bar Mold Size - 6" x 4" x .5"
6 Cavities Per Mold
$24.00 each (free shipping)

Made of 100% premium, food grade silicone rubber, FDA approved, BPA free and eco friendly. Each mold will last through hundreds of castings and is also safe for use with high temperatures (up to 400 degrees) if you would like to make hard candy infused with cannabis instead.

Many states have strict potency guidelines for edibles and making your own marijuana infused chocolates makes sense allowing you to adjust the THC & CBD levels to your desired potency. Taking the step to properly label and identify your edibles for public safety is important and now easy to accomplish with one of our molds.

It is a smart and easy way to identify your candy as being THC infused.

This mold gives home cooked cannabis candy edibles a professional look and provides added safety.

As homemade cannabis infused chocolates become more acceptable at social gatherings it is mandatory that your home cooked marijuana cannabis chocolate or hard candy edibles be clearly marked as THC infused to protect against accidental consumption by children and non users.

Buy your mold today!

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