Making Dipped Chocolates

by Pattie Jacobson
(Ward, CO: 9000ft above Boulder, CO)

Making Dipped Chocolates Using A  Circular Dipping Fork

Making Dipped Chocolates Using A Circular Dipping Fork

Dear Ms,

When making dipped chocolates, how do you keep your dipped chocolates from have a small uncovered spot on every candy?

I have, of course, like all beginners, used wax paper, parchment paper and silicone covered sheet from Chocoley Chocolate company.

I have been use the plastic dipping fork...........and to no avail. I still can't manage to dip my truffles without having to go over every piece and patch the uncovered spot.

I am, of course, frustrated.............but by no means am I going to give up. It would be wonderful if you could help me with this dilemma.

Thank you for your time.

Pattie Jacobson

I am making diabetic friendly truffles........I am still working out a recipes for a better "No Sugar Added" coating...........I think am a batch away right now from being successful

Hi Pattie,

It's great to hear that you are "inventing" a new diabetic friendly truffle. When you get your recipe finalized, I hope you'll share it here. There are plenty of visitors who will love to give it a try.

I know it can be difficult when making dipped chocolates to get the truffles to be perfectly covered without fixing them one at a time.

By using a dipping fork, you should be able to cover the entire truffle. I drop the truffle center into the melted chocolate, give it a little spin and then lift it out with the dipping fork. Is that what you do?

Another way to dip truffles is to poke the truffle center with a pronged dipping fork to secure it and then dip into the melted chocolate.

When you remove the fork, just take your index finger and gently touch the top of the truffle where the first hole is and then "drag" the chocolate over to the second. It's a quick process, but it puts a cute little swirl on the top of each truffle.

Another way of making dipped chocolates that I've seen that people use (though I don't use this method myself) is to spoon some chocolate into the palm of your hand and then roll the truffle center in that chocolate using the index finger and thumb of the opposite hand.

Hope one of those methods will make it a little easier for you to make the dipped chocolates you want without the small uncovered spot you are currently getting.

Don't forget to tell us about your diabetic truffle recipe.


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