Making Candy Bouquets 101

making candy bouquets

Making candy bouquets has become a hobby for some and a business venture for others. 

The candy bar bouquet is foundational to this growing industry and is one of my favorites as well as one of the easiest varieties of candy bouquets to make. 

One of my favorite candy bars is the Reese's peanut butter cups. Mmmmmm. A friend of mine made me a really cute candy bar bouquet using a tin base, some florist foam, artificial flowers and a Reese' cup hot glued into the center of each bloom. I absolutely loved it.

Incorporating sweet delights to bouquets that normally consist of flowers has a way of satisfying one’s thirst for sugar treats while pleasing the sense of sight with the eye-catching art of floral arranging.

Why Should You Consider Making Candy Bouquets?

All year round, we attend special events and visit friends and relatives for celebrations. It is in these instances that the giving of a bouquet would be supremely appropriate. 

However, the traditional way of receiving and giving the usual bunch of flowers won't make your gift stand out in a crowd. Flowers are nice, of course, but you can do better. A candy bar bouquet is just what you need. 

Thank You Bouquet

How to make candy bouquets on your own? Well, you’ve got to gather the needed materials first and be familiar with the basics of floral arrangement. 

These basics include creation of a solid yet stable foundation in a basket, pot, or container. Even a box will do in a pinch - you can decorate the box with wrapping paper, ribbon, etc., if it isn't already color appropriate.

You'll also need something to attach the candy bars or other candy to, like a stem. I like using skewers, but you can also use lollipop sticks, or even artificial flower stems, like my friend used for my candy bouquet.

If you have a hot glue gun, I recommend you use it for this project. It's very easy to attach the candy to the stem quickly with a little hot glue. If you don't have one, or prefer not to use it, you'll have to use clear tape to do the job.

I've also seen candy bouquets that have the candy actually "skewered" but this isn't my preferred method unless you are sure the candy will be "picked" and eaten fairly quickly (like if you are using the candy bouquet for a party centerpiece and letting the guests enjoy them). 

Making candy bouquets involve other forms of decision making, too. Blending hues, picking the right candy bar sizes and prints in the wrapper or ribbon are some of the important things to decide on in this craft.

Proper attention to detail can transform your candy bouquet from a cute little treat to a stunning work of art. 

Of course, when making candy bouquets, the most important thing to remember is to cater to the tastes of the person you are giving it to. My friend chose Reese cups because she knew I adore them. If she'd chosen Mars bars, I'd have been crushed since I can't stand coconut!

Making candy bouquets is simply fun to do. A splash of creativity and correct combination of colors will do miles of magic. 

It doesn’t need to be overly designed, because what really counts is that it looks good, fits the occasion and makes the receiver happy. With the eyes and the taste buds pleased by candy bouquets, what more can one ask for? 

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