Make your Own Candy Bouquet:
The Simple Steps

make your own candy bouquet

Make your own candy bouquet and have some fun! It's easy. You just need to sprinkle some of your personal artistry together with the appropriate materials. Add a little craftsmanship by following these instructions for making candy bouquet and you'll have a winner.

Edible candy bouquets give pleasure not only to your eyes, but also your taste buds.

Taking the time to do it yourself allows you to add the personal touch that makes every gift a little bit more special and meaningful.

Instructions for making candy bouquet are readily available in books and in various places online. A Google search followed by a few mouse clicks and you'll have plenty of ideas to help you get inspired. 

Let me suggest that you take advantage of Google's image search feature to view a ton of photos of candy bouquets that others have made.

The ideas you can "steal" for yourself just by having a good browse are practically endless. Of course, if you've made a candy bouquet yourself, do take some photos and add them here so we can all be inspired by your creativity.

There are different types of candy bouquets you could make. We have other pages like Chocolate Candy Bouquet and How To Make Candy Bouquet, just to name a few. 

For this page we decided to focus the instructions on how to make a type of candy topiary bouquet.

To make your own candy bouquet, here are some material ideas you can choose from to make your task easier: 

  • candies that do not melt easily
  • lollipop sticks or toothpicks
  • artificial or fresh flowers (optional)
  • adhesives and tapes
  • foam ball
  • printed wrappers
  • styrofoam
  • basket, pot, or other container
  • ribbons or any trinkets for design

  1. When making a bouquet in a basket or other lightweight base, it is very essential to create a strong and stable foundation. This is easily attained by having hard candies on the bottom of the basket to render suitable weight.

  2. When that's all ready, you then just put the styrofoam on top of the candies to serve as the anchor of your foam ball and surround and cover with some more hard candies. 

  3. Insert the dowel into the foam ball and then insert the dowel rod into the Styrofoam base, adjusting for your desired height. 

  4. Now that you have a solid base, you can proceed with the decorating part. Begin by covering the dowel with ribbons and curling them around the rod.

  5. After that, cover the foam ball with the candies which can be attached by taping, lollipop sticks, toothpicks, hot glue, or some other adhesive. You can also have the other decors inserted, too, such as the flowers and balloons if desired. 

  6. If you want to take your edible candy bouquets on the go for gift presentations, you can give them that professional look by wrapping them attractively in cellophane. 

    Lay out a large piece of the cello, center your candy topiary and pull upward to completely cover. Afterward, you can tie the wrapper with a lace or ribbon together for that finishing touch.

Make your own candy bouquet with your own crafty ideas. You can veer away from the popularly suggested styles and make your own candy bouquets more interesting. 

You may want to include extra decors which could add vibrancy, like themed candy, favorite sporting team colors, etc. Doing this gives your creation a more personal touch. 

Most of all, you can never go wrong with serving sweet treats like candies. This new trend in gift-giving will surely delight your recipient and/or party guests, and you can even make customers out of them if you'd like to turn your edible candy bouquets into a business! 

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