Make White Hot Chocolate

by Nicky
(Cape Town, South Africa)

I am trying to make "White Hot Chocolate" by melting solid white chocolate couverture into hot milk.

How do I stop white chocolate from separating when I melt it in hot milk to make "white hot chocolate"?

Every time the white chocolate separates and I have a film of fat sitting on the top.

I have tried to keep the milk at 46 degrees centigrade but it didn't make a difference, in fact, it looked worse as it was almost congealed because the milk wasn't hot.

Is it a poor quality couverture or is the milk temperature incorrect or is there something I can add to the milk or chocolate to keep it together??

Hi Nicky,

This is a good question, and one I don't really know the answer to from personal experience. I do love hot chocolate, but strangely enough, I've never tried making white hot chocolate!

I've done a bit of looking around and it seems that there are a couple of different methods for successfully making white hot chocolate.

Some recipes call for heating the chocolate and the milk together, while others suggest pouring the heated milk over the white chocolate.

Does the couverture you are using have cocoa butter in it or vegetable fat. You'll probably get a much nicer result if you use white chocolate that actually has a cocoa butter base.

Anyone else have any suggestions for making white hot chocolate? Maybe you have a favorite white hot chocolate recipe to share or a special twist or tip to add, we'd love to hear it.


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