Make The Colors Gold And Black

by Beth Schmitt
(Dallas, Texas)

I need to make the colors gold & black for Saints NFL team. I hope you can help.

I've been to all the crafts stores, no one is able to help! I want to color chocolate to dip pretzels for the Superbowl.

The saints colors are black and gold. Do I have to use candy coloring to do this? or food coloring? Or can I just mix the candy melts to get the colors? What colors make gold or antique gold?

I found black coloring for frosting. Will this work in melted chocolates?

Hi Beth,

That's a toughie! :) To make the colors gold and black may be a bit of a challenge when it comes to chocolate candy melts.

I have to say, I love the idea, though. You can also drizzle the melted candy over popcorn for another theme treat! :) My sister-in-law makes appropriate colored popcorn for all different occasions.

For the Gold, I would suggest using the peanut butter or butterscotch melts at Candyland Crafts. That would be the easiest option.

In a pinch, you could probably even just use peanut butter or butterscotch chips from the grocery store. They can be a little tricky when melting at times. You may need to add a little Crisco shortening to the chips to keep them melting smoothly.

For the black color for the Saints, you'll have to do some form of mixing. I doubt the frosting coloring will be a good option. It depends on the base. Chocolate is sensitive and if it gets any water in it, the chocolate will just seize up. That's why they make special coloring for chocolate. Black is one of the options they have available for candy colors.

To get black, you'll have to either use candy tints or try mixing two or more types of colored melts. I would suggest red and blue to get black as your most likely combination. Sometimes people will mix red, blue, and yellow (the primary colors) to get black.

I've never purposely tried to make black colored chocolate so I can't guarantee this will work - it just seems like the best option.

Beth, I hope that you'll take some photos of your Superbowl Pretzels so that we can see them - however they turn out. :)

Have fun,

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Dec 12, 2012
black chocolate NEW
by: Anonymous

They have black colored chocolate. I have my own gourmet pretzel company and we use colored chocolate all the time. Ive even used the black chocolate. it taste just like milk chocolate

Feb 03, 2010
Thanks for help with making gold golerd choc. & ideas.
by: beth schmitt

thank you so much! you all been huge help this was the greatest help.. I will tell everyone this is the best place to get any info or ideas and to place to buy... Thank you again and will send pictures... beth Schmitt

Feb 03, 2010
another thought about superbowl pretzels
by: Miranda

I did a web search and there should be a Michael's craft store in your area. They carry a nice selection of Wilton(an easy to use, reputable brand) chocolate melts and chocolate colorings. Try using the milk chocolate melts with some black coloring for the black and some white chocolate melts with the yellow and black colorings for the gold (reminder: use the black VERY sparingly). Don't be surprised if you end up with more ideas when you're in the store, Wilton offers a nice selection of chocolate molds, also. Maybe a fleur de lis (isn't that the symbol for the Saints?) mold. It can also be used with the melts and can even be filled. Maybe the black chocolate for the shell and filled with peanut butter. For this I would use a peanut butter mixture like for a buckeye (a mix of peanut butter, confectioner's sugar, butter/margarine, and vanilla flavoring all kneaded together). Or maybe the chocolate shell filled with caramel, you can use the squeezable bottles of sundae syrup for this. Also, jams and jellies make suitable fillings. You are only limited by your imagination. Just remember, fill the mold, refrigerate for a minute or so, empty the remaining liquid chocolate out of the mold to create the shell, fill as you wish, leaving some space at the top and then re-top with more melted chocolate to seal the filling. Oh another idea. Don't forget that you can flavor your chocolate. Lorann company makes oil-based flavorings that can be added to melted chocolate, also available at Michael's crafts. So, even if you don't chose to fill the molds, you could maybe add a flavoring of some sort, mint would be very appealing.

Feb 03, 2010
superbowl pretzels
by: Miranda

How about some edible glitter for the gold? You may be able to locate it quickly at a cake decorating store(superbowl is coming really soon), if not, I did see some on The candy colorings should produce black chocolate fairly easily because it is already so dark and the colorings are so concentrated. Also, if you don't like the glitter idea, start with white chocolate and use yellow and just a touch (maybe even a partial drop) of the black coloring to create the antique gold color. Hope this helps.

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