Make An Easter Basket Using Recycled Materials

by Angela
(Oklahoma City, OK)

How to make an Easter basket using recycled materials...

First get a 2 liter soda bottle (colorful is nice) - you can use smaller for decoration but if the child is going to use it a bigger one is better.

An adult cuts off the bottom of a bottle with an Exacto/box knife or a good sharp pair of scissors. Use your judgment as to where based on the shape of the bottle and the size you want. Clean well.

Use a hole puncher (or the knife or scissors) to make a hole in the sides for the handle.

I like to use some nice ribbon, but you could use pipe cleaners as well. Glue or tie in a knot as necessary to keep it in the basket.

Hot glue the top edge with ribbon, use dimensional paint, or glue with a cute scrap of cloth to cover. Its probably all ugly and uneven and even if it isn't it could be a bit sharp.

Decorate! Paint, glue on eggs or bunnies or whatever you like. Use your imagination.

Fill with Easter grass - you have a fun and earth friendly Easter basket.

Hi Angela,

That's a lovely and cute Easter craft for kids that allows them to create their own unique Easter basket or as a gift for someone else.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share it with us.

Happy Easter!

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