Make A Candy Gram

by Callie

I need to make a candy gram for my cheerleading buddy for nationals, but have no idea what to do.

Please help.
Thank you!

Hi Callie,

It's a great idea to make a candy gram for your cheer buddy! It's really not hard at all.

  1. Choose a piece of poster board (any color will do).

  2. You can glue some ribbon around the edges if you like to make it a bit fancier (maybe in your team colors?).

  3. Print out the "message" and cut it into strips to tape or glue to the poster board. If you choose a light colored poster, you could just write directly on the poster with markers instead.

  4. Tape or hot glue the chosen candy in the appropriate places.

Here's an idea of ways to use the candy in your message:

    Please don’t (Snicker) at my silly card, but I wanted you to know that with you as a cheer buddy, I have a (Whopper) of a time! I wouldn’t trade you for…(100 Grand) Because you’re (Good & Plenty) and one of my best friends. You know how to (Tootsie Roll) with the punches, and you're always there in the (Nestle Crunch). So, let’s keep having (Mounds) of fun and (Razzle Dazzle) everyone with our great cheers.

You can get more ideas for phrases just by looking through the candy aisle of your local store.

I hope you come back here and let us know what you finally come up with. Take a photo and show it off!


Comments for Make A Candy Gram

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Mar 30, 2019
by: Danielle

Can someone please help me with making a candy gram for my brother coming home from deployment?

Oct 12, 2016
Company Candy Gram NEW
by: MIA

HELP! I need to make a candy gram for a company function. It is supposed to be all about how great the company is and why I love to work here... I am lost!!!!

Oct 26, 2015
Christmas candy gram NEW
by: Cjejdjebdb

I need help thinking of a christmas candy gram!! Can some one help me please?💁

Aug 30, 2015
Big Sister little sister program NEW
by: Debbie

Need help writing a candy gram for the big sister little sister program in my school

Dec 21, 2014
Softball😈⚾️ NEW
by: Maddy

Do you have one for a softball coach I would need it ASAP

Sep 11, 2014
Wanting to do a candy bar poem NEW
by: Sheryl

I am wanting to do a candy bar poem for our girls volleyball team. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Aug 12, 2014
Candy Bar Poster
by: Kim

We are welcoming our exchange student from Finland next week and my young daughters wanted to make her a unique poster for her welcoming her to American and Pennsylvania!

I thought a candy poster would be neat .. I am having trouble coming up with what to say! Can you help?

Jun 29, 2014
by: Heather

I need a candy bar poem to thank my bridesmaid's for being there. And no this is not all they will be getting :)

Jun 04, 2014
Looking for Candy Gram help
by: Pam

My daughter is running for Governor of a camp she is attending and wants to make one of her posters a candy gram. We have come up with a few ideas like the RIESEN you should vote for me, choice is UP 2 YOU, I will work EXTRA hard, Vote for me NOW & LATER you will not be disappointed.
Anybody have any other ideas?

May 24, 2014
Softball candy gram
by: Megan

I'm needing help writing something for my softball girls and using candy as we head into tournament play. Wanting to give them some motivation.

May 08, 2014
College Graduation Poem
by: Katie

I am looking for a Candy Poems / Card for my sister who is graduating from college this weekend. Any help with writing one would be great.

May 02, 2014
Cheer banquet
by: Sandy

Looking on what we be cute to say for an end of year banquet?

Feb 10, 2014
by: Lexii

I need help making a candy gram.
I'm going to ask this boy out but need help with words can anyone help me ? im doing tthis n valentimes day also

Jul 03, 2013
Going Away
by: Armywife

my husband is headed off to boot camp and I wantto make a cute candy message to send him off with. please help me!

May 13, 2013
by: Anonymous

Hi , my bestfriends birthday is next week , and i wanna make her a candy poster but i dont know what to say ? Any ideas ?
Shes like my sister
Shes weird
Shes turning 15
Shes crazy and loud
Shes funny beautiful
And i just want to make her a funny yet cute poster . Please and thankyou (:

Apr 13, 2013
Candy Poem For Language Arts
by: Angie from

Antonio, UNO you're a real SMARTIE and definitely not a NERD in school. You've got ZERO enemies and can always make your friends SNICKER. You never take a TIMEOUT from class and always BOOST the spirits of everyone around you. School isn't always a PICNIC and we sometimes have a ROCKY ROAD but it's never a SOUR PATCH for long with you around. When you're playing basketball, you never have BUTTERFINGERS but make a FAST BREAK to SKOR. Maybe you'll become a professional and make 100 GRAND someday. Wishing you MOUNDS of success.

Apr 13, 2013
Need help!!!
by: Anonymous

So I need ur help with this sweetie gram I have to make for a classmate for poetry nd it's a guy his name is Antonio he likes basketball favorite candy is twix has black hair very smart likes school very happy. Can u make something outta that???


Apr 08, 2013
Candy Gram - for the Jr High Grad
by: DlynnsT

Hey HOT TAMALIE, You think you’re a SMARTIE now that you’re a big time Jr. High grad?
Well, I’m (we’er) here to tell you, that you are a STARBURST,
you surpass MARS, and the MILKY WAY. Why your way out
of this GALAXY!

As you go on your way some people might give you SNICKERS,
try to make you feel like a real BUTTERFINGER. If you let them, they
can CRUNCH your dreams and goals.

But this is not for you. You rate next to ZERO! Really, always
remember that you are a cool KIT KAT. There will always be NERDS
that try to push you into a SOUR PATCH, but hey GOOBERS do that
kind of thing. This is not for you! Be a LIFE SAVER and stay friends
with those that are and you will have a GOOD N PLENTY & a WHOPPER
of a time. Remember, whether it’s NOW-OR-LATER, that we love you!
You are worth more then a 1000 GRAND. HUGS & KISSES to you and to all that
have helped you get to this point. Notice the good in life and you
will have MOUNDS of ALMOND JOY. This joy, my friend is the greatest
PAYDAY you will ever know.

With more HUGS & KISSES,

Feb 13, 2013
candy gram
by: lizzy

i need a poem or something fore my best friend!! we are each others valentines this year. i need some ideas of what to write. all im asking is to try and incorporate reeses if possible, if not oh well ill take what i can get :) please help!!!!!

Feb 12, 2013
by: Cecelia

Need help with sayings for a teacher appreciation lunch for her 25 years of being at our school

Feb 12, 2013
Please help!
by: Micah

Hi I was wondering if you could help my write a candy gram poem for my husband. He coaches basketball and I want to wish him good luck in playoffs. I'm just not very creative. Thank you so much if you can

Feb 12, 2013
Valentines Day Candy Gram
by: Angie from

That's a tough one when you haven't said anything about what kind of work you do and if the exchange is likely to be with a man or a woman, what age, etc. It takes details like that to really make a personalized candy gram for any occasion.

You could say something like...

    We certainly don't make 100 GRAND working here, but we have GOOD & PLENTY of laughs, which is worth far more. Hope this Valentine's Day you get to have a special date with a HOT TAMALE, but if not, there's no need to fall to REESES PIECES. In that case, consider this Valentine as your LIFESAVER and indulge in some SWEETTARTS or chocolate. Before you know it, you'll be purring like a KITKAT in pleasure.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

Well, that's something to get you started at least. Let us know how it finally turns out! :)

Feb 11, 2013
Valentines day exchange at work!
by: Anonymous

Hi I'm really needing ideas for my candy poster for our valentines day gift exchange at work! I have 100 grand, sweetarts, good and plenty, lifesavers, hot tamales, kitkat, Reese pieces, and three musketeers! Help help help! Thanks! :)

Dec 18, 2012
a candy gram for my bf
by: Anonymous

hey i need help creating a candy gram to show my bf that i really love him an that he holds the key to my heat................ olease someone help me i need it by saturday

Nov 30, 2012
candy gram
by: sadie

Any ideas on a candy gram for a cco-worker who is leaving?

Nov 13, 2012
Saying I love you
by: Anonymous

Hi I was wondering if you could help my write a candy gram poem for my boyfriend. I want to say I love you to him for the first time and thought this would be a cute way to do it. Thanks if you can :)

Nov 10, 2012
by: Carrie

Its my best friends birthday tomorrow and i would like to make a candy gram for her that is sweet yet funny she could use a laugh to cheer her up thanks :)

Oct 18, 2012
Writing a Candy Poem
by: Angie from

Hi Stephanie,

Do they still have Marathon candy bars in the US? They used to be one of my favorites (chocolate covered caramel) and would be ideal for including in your candy poem for your friend!

If you scroll up this page just a bit, you'll find another Candy poem for a Marathon (in answer to Pam's question) that you can use.

Here are few more phrases you could incorporate...

Running a half MARATHON is a challenge that no GOOBER would attempt. You've got a lot of RAZZLE DAZZLE and I admire you to (Reeses) PIECES. This is a SPECIAL day and I know you're going to do an EXTRA good job! It won't be a PICNIC, but UNO we're behind you all the way!

Well, hope you get something out of that or the other candy bar card ideas here on the site to let you come up with something special.

When you've got it finished, take a photo and add it to the site using the candy bar card form. We'd love to see what you've come up with.


Oct 16, 2012
Help Writing A Candy Poem
by: Stephanie

Hi, I just need some help writing a candy poem to a friend that is running a 1/2 Marathon this weekend. I think she needs some encouragement and I know that she can do it... Thank you!!

Aug 10, 2012
Reading Candy Gram Idea
by: Anonymous

I am working with children who are struggling with reading and I want to encourage them with a candy gram about reading. I could sure use some help with ideas.

Aug 07, 2012
Goodbye Candy Bar Card
by: Angie

How about including some phrases like...

U-NO how much your friendship means to me. We've had some GOOD & PLENTY times with plenty of SNICKERS, and we will have MOUNDS of fun in years to come. After all, I'm not going to MARS, just college! Make sure you TAKE 5 to text (write/call) often on your WHATCHAMACALLIT. I'd be a real NERD to forget you and there is ZERO chance of that. I'll miss you but we'll always be friends for LIFEsavers.

Aug 05, 2012
going away..HELP!
by: Anonymous

i need help! i'm moving to college and i want to make a candy gram for my friend so she knows how much im going to miss her but i forget her when im gone! so pretty much a goodbye card! any tips?!

Oct 15, 2011
Make A Candy Gram For Your Anniversary
by: Angie

Hi Rochelle,

Your best option is to browse through the candy bar cards here on the site and read some of the cards other people have made.

This will give you ideas of what kind of candy bars you could use and also you can write down a few of the phrases that you like to incorporate into your own anniversary candy bar card or anniversary candy gram. :)

If you are only planning on purchasing the candy locally rather than order online, just go to your local stores and see what is available and go from there.

Either way, you can get great ideas for your anniversary card by reading the many clever ideas written by other visitors.

Happy Anniversary!

Oct 15, 2011
Worth a (1000 Grand)
by: Anonymous

THank you for sharing these ideas!

Aug 17, 2011
Anniversary Gram
by: Rochelle

Hi I'm also stuck for a candy gram poem (mostly because I don't know tons of names of candy) I want to do one for my husband's and my anniversary. Thanks :-)

Mar 30, 2011
Glad you liked it!
by: Angie

You're very welcome. :~)

Mar 30, 2011
by: pam

Hi Angie
That is awesome! Thanks!

Mar 30, 2011
Candy Poem Idea
by: Angie

Hi Pam,

How about using phrases like...

I thought you were a NUT JOB when I heard you were planning to run a MARATHON. It won't be a PICNIC, but if it brings you Almond JOY, I'll be here to BOOST you over any ROCKY ROAD. Don't forget to TAKE 5 for a TIMEOUT and water break along the way.
Even if you don't SKOR first place, as long as you don't KRACKEL any bones along the way or sprain your WHATCHAMACALLIT, you'll deserve MOUNDS of admiration and real PAYDAY.
Best of luck!

Mar 30, 2011
Marathon Poem
by: Anonymous

I woudl like to do a candy poem for a firend who is running a marathon- any ides would be so much appreciated!


Jan 03, 2011
7th Grade Valentines Candy Gram
by: Anonymous

I love all of the ideas but have a hard time coming up with a phrase. I thought about doing this for our 7th grade students as their treat bag for a surprise. I would love your help!!!!! Thanks!

Sep 10, 2010
Senior (elderly) just because
by: Anonymous

National Assisted Living week is coming up and we want a fun candy card/poem that we can give to the residents to show how much they are loved and appreciated.

Jul 27, 2010
Going Away Candy Bar Card
by: Angie

Hi Norma,

You might get some ideas from this Good Bye Card to help you get started, but I've found that just browsing through all the different cards that have been submitted will give you a bunch of candy/phrase ideas that you can put to good use by personalizing them a bit.

Hope you come up with a winner. Don't forget to add yours when you get it finished! =)

Jul 26, 2010
by: Norma

We are saying farewell to someone who has been a terrific support and want to do something creative and special in the way of a chocolate/candy card.
Hoping for help from you.

Jun 06, 2010
by: Anonymous

This is going to be a "sweet" year. I hope you enjoy the magical journey of fifth grade.

Mrs. Mireles

Nov 01, 2009
I need help...
by: Anonymous

I'm in need your creative mind to help me come up with a cute softball story for a teenage girl using candy. Do you have any ideas?

Oct 07, 2009
Thank you for being you.
by: Mike.Q

Kathleen Thank you for being there and helpful in many ways.


Apr 11, 2009
Ideas for a Volleyball Candy Bar Card
by: Angie

So, you need ideas for a volleyball candy bar card? Let's see. How about something like this...

Our team is RED HOT! When we get in a (Nestle)CRUNCH we can count on you to help us get out of a SOUR PATCH.

We've got a couple of NERDS and a couple of SMARTIES on the team, but we always work together and have MOUNDS of fun.

If we have ZERO points, you jump up with a BIG BLOCK and help the team to SKOR.

We'd fall to (Reeses)PIECES without you. You're a LIFESAVER.

So, TAKE 5 minutes for a FAST BREAK and enjoy being a STARburst.

Well, that should at least give you some ideas and you can take it from there. Don't forget to come back and show off your finished poster. We want to see it!

Apr 10, 2009
by: Anonymous

We need to make volleyball signs for a friend and I wanted to do a candy poem but I can't think of a message. HELP PLEASE

Mar 12, 2009
by: L. Green

I Just love this site. It is about chocolate. What does chocolate remind us of....LOVE! That is exactly what you get when you submit a question! LOVE! I think your idea for a candy gram will be WELL received! When you finish with it, will you upload a picture of it. I think we all enjoy the SHOW and TELL aspect of online information. I know I DO?? Does anyone else feel this way! WAY TO GO Angie for such a GREAT IDEA! Thank you CAllie for making a conversation about a simple thing so easy to respond to...!

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