Looking For Chocolate Christmas Bells

by Craig
(Washougal, WA)

I'm looking for chocolate Christmas bells filled with creamy white sugar candy.

I don't know what these are called, but they are my favorite Christmas candies. They are only available at Christmas - they have a semi-solid creamy white candy in the middle and are covered with chocolate.

I don't like chocolate, so I used to carve off the chocolate with my teeth and savor the creamy white candy insides.

Brach's used to make them and they were sold at Walgreens, but I've looked for two years and can't find them anywhere!

If anyone knows what they are and where I could buy them, please let me know.


Hi Craig,

I had a stab at looking for the chocolate Christmas bells you have described, but I've had no luck either. Even the Brach's website seems to make no mention of them.

I'm wondering if they are just no longer in production. It wouldn't hurt to email the company and ask. Are you absolutely certain that they were made by Brachs?

The only Chocolate Christmas Bells I could locate this year so far seem to be solid chocolate - NOT what you're looking for if you don't love chocolate like me! :)

If you knew what that white center was made of you could make your own and skip the chocolate entirely. Maybe someone will see your request for help in finding this favorite Christmas candy and can point you in the right direction - either with a recipe or a source of locating some of the originals.

Merry Christmas!
Angie from www.chocolate-candy-mall.com

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