Liquor Filled Chocolate Candy

To be perfectly honest, I don't care for Liquor Filled Chocolate Candy. Fortunately, I have never learned to like alcohol in any form, but I do know that we all have different tastes.

Many people like the combination of a creamy delicious chocolate filled with a little bit of cognac, rum, or sherry. If you are one of those people, this page is especially for you. 

There are plenty of places where you can order liquor filled chocolates, and according to the reviews, they are really well worth trying.

liquor filled chocolates

The ones in the photo here are rather "gourmet" and are from Nirvana Chocolates as part of their "specialties collection."

Finally, if you are looking for something a little bit different, you can sometimes find it in the most unsuspecting places. 

champagne chocolate strawberries

Imagine champagne chocolate strawberries, and that is just a start. It sounds good, even to me.

I don't know if you have ever thought of it, but you can sometimes even find liquor filled chocolate candy on eBay. It is worth a look. You never know. You may get yourself a bargain. :) Have fun. 

Make Your Own Liquor Filled Chocolates

If you want to make your own chocolate liqueurs, you can either use chocolate molds or small foil candy cases.

You will find thousands of molds as well as the foil candy cases, and even the chocolate at Candyland Crafts.

Basically, if you want to use your liquor filled chocolate candy as gifts or party favors, you will find everything you need to prepare them and wrap them for presentation. I love that place!

To use the foil candy cases -

  1. Melt the chosen chocolate over a double boiler. Do not allow chocolate to exceed 120 degrees F. For a firmer chocolate with a more professional and glossy appearance, temper the chocolate

  2. Spoon a little chocolate into each foil case. Gently tip and rotate until case is completely lined with chocolate. Pour excess back into bowl. Allow cases to set.

  3. Drop blobs or paint circles of chocolate on waxed paper to equal the number of cases you have lined. Spread chocolate to form the right size circle to cover the tops of the cases and form a lid. Allow to set.

  4. Remove chocolate cases from paper. Fill the cases with chosen spirit or liqueur (port, sherry, whiskey, rum, cognac, armagnac, or a cocktail made from a spirit and liqueur).

  5. Gently lift the chocolate circles from the waxed paper and paint a bit of melted chocolate around the edges to secure it to the top of the case. Press lids lightly and allow to set.

You did it! Does it make you feel like a bootlegger producing such contraband as liquor filled chocolate candy? :)

If you want to use a mold - 

Follow the procedure for cream filled chocolate candy. The only difficulty you will have is in sealing the bottoms of the mold. If you use simple shapes you can just use the tempered chocolate to form the desired shape on a piece of waxed paper. 

When your chocolate sets, gently peel it from the waxed paper and paint a little melted chocolate around the edges to secure it in place over the bottom of the mold. When your liquor filled chocolate candy is completely set, tip the chocolates gently out of the molds. 

You might find it easier to remove the chocolate cases from the molds before filling and sealing. Try it both ways and do whatever works easiest for you. 


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