Lindt Truffles

Gourmet Truffles from Switzerland to the World

Lindt truffles have been on the market for quite a long time. These gourmet chocolate truffles are just as wonderful now as they ever were - maybe even more so. 

Back in 1879, Rodolphe Lindt discovered how to bring perfection to the chocolate melting process. As such, chocolate was even more appreciated with its tempting aroma and irresistible taste.

Since this process was new and impressive, it spread to the nearby cities and eventually across lands. Over the years, chocolates made by the Lindt Company soared in terms of popularity.

Lindor truffles are best described as hard on the outside but with a smooth and melting filling on the inside. As you pop one into your mouth, you will definitely make room for another and another! 

The sweetness and the aromatic smell of Lindt chocolate truffles will surely give you a sense of relaxation for just a moment and leave a smile on your face. 

Giving the gift of gourmet Lindor truffles is an effective way of making your family, friends, and other loved ones know how much you appreciate them. 

With the finest ingredients, there is no doubt that Lindor truffles will tempt you to indulge yourself. 

Lindor truffles come in a variety of flavors with specific colored wrappers for easy identification of your favorites: 

  • Yellow or white for white chocolate
  • Red for milk chocolate
  • Blue for dark chocolate
  • Black for dark chocolate with 60% cocoa on the shell and dark chocolate as filling
  • Pink for raspberry
  • Green for mint
  • Black with green for dark peppermint
  • Orange for orange flavor
  • Brown for hazelnut
  • Brown and gold with 'St. Moritz' print for milk chocolate on the outside and hazel nut chunks on the inside
  • Light brown with 'Peanut Butter' print for peanut butter
  • Dark brown with 'Cafe' print for mocha
  • Light blue for Stracciatella, with white chocolate and cocoa-coated shell, and white and smooth filling
  • Gold with blue for the cinnamon
  • Dark green with red for peppermint
  • Seasonal flavors of milk chocolate in both inside and outside
  • Milk chocolate shell with a filling of dark chocolate, chunks of sugared hazelnut and rice krispies, as well as purple or pink wrappers with rose designs

Lindt chocolate truffles have been crafted and perfected from "secret" components. In Switzerland, Lindt truffles are referred to as "Lindor Kugeln" which means "Lindor balls or spheres." 

This confectionery will surely give you a mouthful of luxury. Whatever season it may be, there are truffles that can match your appetite for sweets. These treats also make good gift giving ideas for any occasion. 

Lindt truffles have gained international recognition for their chocolate quality and luscious taste. Many chocoholics attest that these delights can melt away your worries as they melt with smoothness in your mouth. 

Truly, indulging in every truffle bite has never been this delicious! 

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