Keeping Chocolates From Melting

by Anne
(Toronto, Canada)

Yellow Flower Molded Chocolate

Yellow Flower Molded Chocolate

How can I keep chocolate from melting?

I am going to be selling my chocolates at an outdoor fair in a couple of weeks.

How do I display my chocolate suckers & novelties for people to see without having them melt??

Thanks for your help,

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Sep 18, 2019
Need suggestions for keeping fudge cool
by: Elizabeth

I have a Fall Festival at the end of September and it’s normally cool here by that time of year, but this year it’s gonna be in the mid 80’s. Does anyone know how well my fudge will hold up?

Jun 09, 2016
Need a great solution. NEW
by: Prachi

Hi everyone,
I am from India and I hope to start a small chocolate factory soon. I was in a pickle about this melting problem because I have observed that the climate is a tad on the hotter side here and as soon as I take my chocolates out, they start going soft and are deshaped soon. It is a lot of work and pressure. I am looking for a stabilizer which can be mixed with the chocolates that can help keep my chocolates from melting too quick. Which can stand firm atleast for 1 hour (or of course, more!).

Feb 15, 2015
by: hillary

interesting. I didn't know you could do that. not bad

Oct 20, 2013
Dry Ice Packs
by: Angie from

Interesting! I haven't heard of those Techni Dry Ice packs, but they sound like a good option. Do let us know how well they work for you and if you feel they solve the problem.

Keep in mind that you don't want to actually make the chocolates too "cold" because that alone will make them sweat. :) You'll have to trial it and see how close to the actual candy you want to place the ice packs.

Keep us posted!

Oct 20, 2013
How to stop ice cream toppings from melting outside
by: Anonymous

Hey Angie,

I searched online and found a few options. One that I think I'm going to try out is to buy some of these techni dry ice packs. Have you heard of them? They are supposed to last for up to 24 hours and sustain very cold temperatures without the sweating condensation since it doesn't use water. I was thinking I could cut out a small box of it that's only 2 inches and then include it in each topping dispenser I have wrapped in aluminum foil. It wouldn't be seen hidden underneath a container of MMs for example:

Sep 30, 2013
Keeping chocolate candy toppings from melting
by: Angie from

Why not try putting your toppings in a chiller bowl or cold storage bowl. There are a couple of different varieties on the market.

Some have a gel in the lining and you pop the whole thing into the freezer to make cold and then just fill them with your toppings when you go to the market stall or wherever you are selling your ice cream.

The other variety I've seen is kind of a layered cold bowl. The bottom bowl holds ice and the bowl above it holds whatever you want to keep chilled.

I remember my mom had a Tupperware bowl that was made for keeping salads cold a picnics, etc. If you know anyone who sells Tupperware just ask them about it. They will be able to direct you.

Or you can even check on eBay for either of these types of cold/chiller bowls.

Sep 29, 2013
How to stop ice cream toppings from melting outside
by: Anonymous

Hey does anyone have any recommendations for me? I am going to be selling ice cream outside and want to have toppings like MMs and chocolate chips on display to sell with my ice cream but don't want it to melt of course. Does anyone have any ideas for me?

Jun 30, 2013
Keeping chocolate from melting in a Florida outside event
by: A Taste of Fate

These are great ideas, I have been looking for ideas myself because I am doing and outside event and displaying Gourmet Fortune Cookies drizzled with chocolate. I was thinking of using dry ice. Does anyone know anything about using this and how to work with it? Thanks!

Mar 31, 2013
ice in bowl
by: Maria

Hi... I like your ice in the bowl idea. Could you explain it a little further, please? Is there a special bowl/plate combo that you use, or can you use any bowl/plate, as long as the plate fits on top of the bowl?
I'm looking for ideas for displaying my buckeye candies and cake pops at the farmers market in Sept./Oct. It's not hot, but the sun (no matter where I'm placed) seems to shine right on me, even though I'm under a canopy with sides. I can't win! LOL!

Jun 29, 2012
keeping chocolate cool outdoors or indoors
by: Anonymous

I have been doing events with alot of chocolate products I own a candy company. I use Ice in a semi bowl that a plate can go over and you can't even see that their's Ice even there and it looks like it's part of the plate never had my chocolate melt and it can last up to 4hrs. only replace the ice once.

Dec 09, 2011
by: Anonymous

I have heard that paraffin can keep chocolate from melting and that there is a heat resistant chocolate on the market now also. I haven't had a chance to try either yet but I plan to.

May 02, 2010
Love the ideas
by: Anonymous

I am having the same issue- I made Mother's Day taffys and plan on selling them outdoors. I didn't even attend the event yesterday because it was so hot. I love the ideas!!

May 27, 2008
Good Back Up Plan For Keeping Chocolates Cool
by: Angie

I love the idea of having a back up plan for keeping your chocolates cool if it turns out to be too hot.

Thanks for that suggestion for Anne. Obviously the real deal is the best option, but even if you just put one 'real' chocolate out of each style along with some photos to display that could work for you.

Fake chocolates are another good suggestion. Let us know what you end up doing.

May 26, 2008
keeping chocolate cool
by: Anonymous

I would suggest making fake chocolates or even show a picture of the chocolates.If it is HOT people will understand why you are doing this to display.I would keep my chocolate that are to be purchased in some sort of cooler. I would be ready for HOT and just ok weather myself.

May 26, 2008
Keep Chocolate from Melting!
by: Angie


Keeping your chocolate from melting may be a tough one depending on the weather and your situation.

I love the idea of making chocolates for the outdoor fair, but the heat could definitely be a problem.

Do you have some type of canopy you can place your table beneath to keep the sun off? That is going to be your best bet. They have some collapsible ones at places like Walmart. I use one at our local markets.

If this is just a one time affair, you may not want to invest in a canopy. Perhaps you could borrow one from a friend. If you do plan to sell the chocolates regularly this way, it's a great investment.

Anyway, chocolate melts at about 100 degrees Fahrenheit. It gets soft at about 80 degrees. So the main thing is to keep it out of the sun!

If the temperatures are in the 80's you may be in for some trouble. The chocolate won't be affected in taste, but it will get soft and change shape if people touch it.

I haven't tried it, but I think you could probably rig some type of system where you place some frozen cooler blocks on the table and cover them with a towel. If you use those flat ones, you can set your trays or stands on top of it. That may work for you.

Ultimately, I'd say pray for a cooler day! :-)

Do let me know how it goes. We'd love to see some snapshots of your creations, too. Show them off here!

If anyone else has any ideas, please do help Anne out by adding your comment.

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