Keep Your Chocolate Lollipops Hard

by Brandy

What do you use to keep your chocolate lollipops hard?

I have made chocolate pops for my daughters birthday party and they will not stay hard. After just one hour of being in the house they get very soft.

Is there something I can do to keep the chocolate hard like a candy bar?

Also what would be the best chocolate to use for making lollipops without going to a chocolate shop?

Hi Brandy,

Couple of questions for you...

What did you use to make these chocolate lollipops that won't stay firm? Did you just use plain chocolate and melt it without adding any other ingredients?

Secondly, what is the temperature like in your house? If it's too warm in the house, the chocolate is going to go soft for sure.

The only thing I can think of that would help your chocolate set a bit better is to try adding a little shortening to the chocolate when melting. I'd say about a teaspoon or so per pound of chocolate.

As for what chocolate to use, it depends on how upscale you want to go. You can use something as simple as chocolate chips or solid chocolate bars from your grocery store, or you can buy some much more gourmet chocolate.

For candy making, a great place to get good chocolate for molding lollipops, etc., is Candyland Crafts.

Hope you are able to keep your chocolate lollipops hard this time and that they turn out beautifully for your daughter's party. :)


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