Keep Chocolate Lollipops From Melting

by Kari

I need to know the best way to keep chocolate lollipops from melting.

I am making about 60 chocolate lollipops for my cousin's bridal shower as the favors.

I live in Virginia and the shower is in Pennsylvania. It is about a 6 hour drive. I was wondering if I could put them on ice to keep them from melting while driving the 6 hours?

Please help me with this little thing. It would mean so much. I have done the lollipops in the past, and they were a huge hit and I offered to do them again, but really wasn't thinking about transporting them.

Thank you so much for taking my question.

Hi Kari,

You should be able to put the chocolate lollipop favors on ice for the trip, but not literally, of course.

Place the lollipops in an airtight container and then put the whole container in the cooler. To be on the safe side, I'd actually wrap a towel around the container before placing it in the cooler.

The idea is that you want to keep the lollipops cool, but you DON'T want them to develop any condensation on them or they may discolor.

I think that will work nicely for you.

Now, to return the favor, I want to see those lollipops! :-) If you can, take a photo and add them to the chocolate party favor page.


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