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Are you a Jelly Beans Candy lover?

When I was a kid, jelly beans were not my favorite kind of candy, especially Easter jelly beans.

Of course, back then they only had a handful of colors available and they all seemed to taste about the same to me. I guess I'm showing my age a bit, aren't I?  :)

These days I am thrilled to say that there are so many wonderful flavors available that I have a terrible time choosing between them!  I've become a jelly bean fan.

Of course, my favorite flavor is always CHOCOLATE! But I readily admit that I certainly enjoy a whole range of yummy choices.

Probably the most popular brand of jelly beans is Jelly Belly Candy. They have such a wide range of delicious flavors to choose from that you can really have a blast taste testing them and picking the ones you love most.

You may wonder why I even mention jelly beans at Chocolate Candy Mall.

Well, as I mentioned a moment ago, Jelly Belly really does have a luscious chocolate bean. The flavor is called "Chocolate Pudding," and it has real dark chocolate in the center. Mmmm.

Besides that, I have some lovely recipes for you that include jelly beans candy in the mix. If you are going to go to the trouble to make homemade chocolate candy, you want to be sure to include the best and most delicious ingredients that you can.

Although there are a lot more great tasting brands of jelly beans these days, I recommend Jelly Belly Candy as the top quality choice. I do have to be careful when I take these home. If my dad finds them, they are goners for sure! :)

Now here are some chocolate jelly bean candy recipes for you to try.  Be sure to let me know what you think of them:

If you've got a great recipe using jelly beans, share it with us below! It doesn't have to be "chocolate" related. Chocolate Candy Mall has gotten so big that we've expanded our scope to include just about any sweet treat that tastes delicious. So go ahead; impress us!

Meanwhile, here are some great places to buy jelly beans to help you get started creating your masterpiece...

Got A Scrumptious Homemade Chocolate Candy Recipe?

Do you have any tried and true homemade chocolate candy recipes? PLEASE, please be so kind as to divulge them to the rest of us chocoholics. We just can't get enough!!!

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