Is Carob Safe?

by Maureen
(Murrieta CA USA)

Is carob safe for someone with lactose and gluten allergies?

This is a terrific website, thank you! My 84 year-old mother is allergic to lactose and gluten and is having a tough time finding little after-dinner treats.

I used to bake with carob in the 1950's as a young girl but I can't seem to find a definitive answer to my question online.

I suspect it's safe but would rather not experiment on her. :)

Hi Maureen,

I would also suspect that carob is safe for lactose and gluten intolerance if you are using the carob powder rather than the carob chips, etc.

The chips might be made with dairy, so you'd want to check on that, but the powder should only be the actual carob from the tree.

Does anyone else know for sure and can help Maureen out on this one?


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Nov 07, 2011
Is carob safe?
by: Quirky Cooking

Oh really? That's frustrating! I'm in Australia and have never heard of carob being contaminated here. Thanks for letting me know.

Nov 07, 2011
No such thing as gluten free carob powder in the US
by: Anonymous

Actually, from my research so far -- I cannot find any carob powder (and thus carob chips since they are made with carob powder) sold in the United States that is free from contamination with wheat. It is all processed in a facility that processes wheat and therefore is not safe for those with Celiac disease. You can get gluten free carob powder in Europe and in Australia but not so far in the U.S. If someone else has found some I would love to know where.

Oct 04, 2010
Yes, it's safe.
by: Quirky Cooking

Yes, carob powder is gluten free and lactose free. You can buy carob chips that are gluten and lactose free too. The lactose free ones usually contain soy, so make sure that's not a problem before you use them.
Jo :)

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