Invert Sugar

by Mandy
(Colorado Springs, CO)

How do you use invert sugar?

Hello out there in Chocolate world...I would like to make cream filled chocolate centers. I was looking at the basic fondant recipe.

To prolong the shelf life, I would like to incorporate some inverted sugar. How much do I add to the basic fondant recipe? I would think just a teaspoon.

Thank you,
Mandy G.

Hi Mandy,

I'm not an expert on invert sugar, but it's my understanding that if you are using our basic fondant recipe you're essentially creating invert sugar without having to add any extra sugar to the mix.

When you add the cream of tartar to the sugar and water mixture that you are boiling, the cream of tartar causes the sugar to invert.

That should do the job without you having to add anything else.

Let us know how your cream filled chocolate candies turn out!


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