I'd Like To Buy White Chocolate With Nuts

by Fais

I want to place an order with you but need to know if you do white chocolate with nuts please.

Could you get to me so I can pay by credit card? Also, how long will it take to come to me in Bradford?



Hello Fais,

You didn't leave an email address so I couldn't get back with you regarding your request. I do hope you check back here for the answer.

We don't personally sell any chocolates. Our service is to help you find which companies DO sell what you are looking for.

You said you are looking for white chocolate with nuts. I'm guessing you must be looking for "Almond Bark" made with white chocolate.

If you are needing a large amount of white chocolate with nuts, I would recommend Candy Warehouse. Just use their search feature at the top of the page and type in Almond Bark. They also have it in all three varieties, but you have to buy in bulk.

Keep in mind that these two recommendations are both located in the US. The shipping to the UK will probably be considerably higher than if you were purchasing directly from the UK.

As for the UK - I wasn't really able to locate exactly what you were looking for in the UK, but perhaps someone else from your region may come along and offer some suggestions.

Hope that helps you find just what you are needing. If I've got it wrong and you are looking for something else, feel free to comment back and give more details. I'll see what I can do for you.


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