I need help making a candy bar card for my boyfriend.

by Karli

It is there first time to be in the football playoffs and I want to cheer him on through a candy bar card. He is a receiver. Will you please help me?

Hi Karli,

You can get some great ideas by looking at some of the other cards people have submitted. Here are a couple of other ideas that might work for you...

    I know being in the playoffs is pretty SPECIAL. UNO I think you are a great receiver. Don't let your nerves make you a BUTTERFINGER!

    I hope you make a FAST BREAK and SKOR big for your team. Getting pummeled out there is no PICNIC, but if they get in a CRUNCH, they'll be able to count on you for a PAYDAY.

    Your opponents may try to make it a ROCKY ROAD, but whatever you do, don't ROLOver and let them get ahead.

    In the end WERTHER you win or lose, you'll still be my favorite BIG HUNK. Have MOUNDS of fun!

Hope those ideas get your creative juices flowing so you can come up with your own unique candy bar card for your boyfriend!


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