I make cherry chocolates and usually I freeze them.

by Judy Joshua
(Winnipeg, MB)

However, the price of chocolate is going up so much that I was wondering if there is any special way to keeping the chocolate fresh for a longer period of time.

How long can the wafers safely last before they can no longer be used for making chocolates?

Hi Judy,

If you are talking about storing the wafers before you make them into your desired candies, they usually can keep for ages if stored properly - I'm talking about years!

You just want to keep them away from fluctuating temperatures and odors that could be absorbed by the chocolate. An airtight container in a cupboard or pantry that is at a moderate temperature year round would be perfect.

If you just put them in the pantry on their own, they are liable to pick up the scent and taste of the spices, onions, or other strong odors.

Equally, you don't want them near scented candles or potpourri. :) They'd smell nice, but not what you are hoping for when making your cherry chocolates, I'm sure!

Even if the wafer melts develop a little discoloration over time, this is not a problem. Once you melt them down properly, they should be just as good as new.

So, take advantage of sales when you can! It's always great to find a bargain on chocolate. :)


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