I Can't Find Raspberry Jelly Sticks!

by Debbie Janas

Gourmet Chocolate Raspberry Jelly Sticks

Gourmet Chocolate Raspberry Jelly Sticks

I am interested in purchasing raspberry jelly sticks, but am unable to find them on any of your purchase links, i.e, candy direct. Do you sell or can you tell me where I can purchase the jelly sticks or old-fashioned jelly bars?



Thanks for letting me know of your difficulty in finding the chocolate raspberry jelly candies! It looks like Candy Direct only has the sugar free orange jelly sticks at the moment (You have to use their search feature and type in "chocolate jelly").

They must have completely run out of the raspberry variety for the time being.

I had a good look around and found some for you at the Kimball's Candy Shoppe.

Thanks to your help, I've updated the page on chocolate raspberry jelly sticks so that other visitors won't have the same trouble you did. That is, of course, as long as the merchants don't run out! :-)

I hope you enjoy them immensely!

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