How To Use Wilton Silicone Molds

by Paurnamasi

I'm having trouble figuring out how to use Wilton silicone molds to make chocolate suckers.

I have silicone bite sized treat molds for chocolate suckers by Wilton. How do I put the stick on the candy as they don't have the space for the stick?

The picture shows the finished candy as suckers, but I can't figure out how to add the lollipop sticks.

Can you help?

Hi Paurnamasi,

I understand your confusion because the answer isn't immediately obvious as most lollipop candy molds do have a slot to put the sticks in while filling the mold with the chocolate.

I prefer this method for making molded chocolate lollipops myself because the sticks are more secure if you roll them in the melted chocolate when adding them to the mold.

Having said that, learning how to use Wilton silicone molds (which seem to be all the rage these days) is a little bit different.

What you'll have to do is go ahead and melt the chocolate, fill the molds, and let the chocolate set.

Once the bite sized treats have completely set, remove them from the molds. To add the sucker sticks, you'll need to melt some more chocolate or candy melts and use it like "glue" to attach the sticks to the backs of the candy.

Be sure to use plenty of chocolate candy "glue" so that the sticks have the best chance of adhering to the pieces.

I admit that it's not an ideal solution, but those are the instructions provided by Wilton for using their silicone molds.

Let me know how your chocolate lollipops turn out. You can add some photos of the finished treats! :)


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