How To Store Candy Covered Almonds

by Mary

Jordan Almonds - Candy Covered Almonds for Wedding Favors

Jordan Almonds - Candy Covered Almonds for Wedding Favors

I need to know how to store candy covered Almonds -- as used for weddings favors.

The candy covered almonds are not going to be used for 2 months.... and I have bought them... I need to know where and how to store these -- I live in a warm climate and would not want to do the wrong thing; i.e. if I was to store them in a refrigerator would that change color, and if not doing that, would the warm temperature damage them.

I realize now that I should have bought them later on, but was afraid to be unable to find them when I would need them. Would appreciate your help.

These candy covered almonds are in white, yellow, and green colors--I would not want their colors to run into each other. I suppose I could try to return them--if you think it best???

Your advice will be most appreciated.

Hi Mary,

I did a little checking on how to store candy covered almonds (Jordan Almonds) for the best results and the optimum temperature is between 60-70 degrees F.

That seems to rule out the refrigerator. I wouldn't normally suggest storing the Jordan Almonds in the fridge anyway, because when you take them out, condensation is likely to build up a little on the outside and you are much more likely to have running colors just as you suspected.

However, I will tell you that some of the sources I founds said that you CAN store the candy covered almonds in
the refrigerator and even the freezer. If it were up to me and I had to choose one or the other, I think I'd go with the freezer. Just be sure to place the Jordan almonds in an airtight container and Wrap a towel around the outside.

When you eventually remove them from the freezer, leave the towel around the container until they reach room temperature again. This should cut down on the chances of condensation build up.

Is there a fairly cool place in your home where you can store the candy coated almonds in an airtight container? A pantry cupboard? Maybe you have a friend who has air conditioning and would be willing to keep the box at her house for the time being? That would be my first choice if it's an option.

I hate to see you have to return them and take the chance of not being able to get them when you need them. The Jordan Almonds keep well for 3-5 months fairly easily. It's just the temperature concern I think you have to worry about.

I don't know if that answer is going to be of much help. You'll still have to make up your own mind about how to store your candy covered almonds. Maybe someone else who has past experience in Jordan Almond storage will provide their opinion to help you out, too.

I hope the wedding is lovely. If it's for you, a great big Congratulations and Best Wishes! :)


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Apr 08, 2010
storing regular almonds
by: gene margoluis

I like almonds and keep some on hand all times. My question is; how best do I store regular natural almonds. If they have what look like white spots on the skin, are they okay to eat? [email protected]

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