How To Reuse Tempered Chocolate

I have a question about how to reuse tempered chocolate.

After tempering chocolate and making chocolates, the remaining was kept in the fridge. I removed it out the next day and kept it at room temperature and then went to prepare the next batch of chocolates.

As I kept it in the double boiler and waited for the required time, passed off that time but chocolate was not yet melted, what could be the reason. I waited for it to temper until 45 minutes, but it still wouldn't give me that stream like consistency.

Will appreciate your reply.


Hi Connie,

The chocolate should have definitely melted for you again, but by placing the chocolate in the refrigerator, it has gotten "out of temper" because it was too cold, really.

You will need to temper it again if you want the same consistency you had before.

If the chocolate has been ruined for your purpose by the texture changing too much, you may just have to use it for other recipes (in baking etc.) and start again.

Unless it is extremely hot and/or humid, try not to put the chocolate in the refrigerator. You can keep it at room temperature for very long periods of time.

Hope this helps some. I'm not an expert on tempering chocolate by any means, and especially not on how to reuse tempered chocolate. If someone else wants to comment, please do correct me or add your tips for Connie.


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