How To Make Solid Chocolate Rabbits Using A Two Piece Mold

by Judy
(Rochester, NY)

I can't remember how to make solid chocolate rabbits using a two piece mold.

It's been a long time since I made solid chocolate. After melting chocolate discs, I fill one half and let it set. This is where I'm having a problem...

Then I fill the second part, put the solid on top and clamp to hold together. Now what next?

Hi Judy,

It depends on what kind of solid chocolate mold you are using. Does your mold have a closed bottom or an open bottom?

If it is an open bottom, you would just clip the two halves together, turn the mold upside down so the opening is at the top and fill it with melted chocolate.

Place the filled mold in the refrigerator to let the chocolate set. Remove the mold and carefully trim or smooth the edges/seems.

If it is a closed mold, fill both halves with melted chocolate and let them set. When both sides are set, melt a little more chocolate and use it as "glue" to paste the two sides together.

Hope your chocolate rabbits turn out wonderful! I'd love to see the finished bunnies when you get them done. If you can add a photo, please do.

Have fun,

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