How To Make Chocolate That Hardens For Dipping

Does anyone know how to make chocolate that hardens for dipping? I am looking for a chocolate dipping recipe that wont melt so quick.


The best way to get chocolate to harden and not melt as quickly is to temper the chocolate before dipping.

Tempering is a little time consuming, but it gives a much nicer finish if that is your main concern.

Anyone else have any tips?

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Jan 02, 2012
Food Grade Paraffin NEW
by: Angie

Great suggestion, Jim. I know not everyone likes to take the time and trouble to temper chocolate - myself included.

Food grade paraffin wax is a very workable alternative. Some people are opposed to putting wax in their chocolate, which I completely understand, but to be honest, most of us eat so much rubbish in our modern diets, that a little bit of wax is the least of our worries! :)

You really don't need much. You'll probably find that about an ounce of paraffin per pound of chocolate is sufficient and makes a noticeable difference.

I haven't used paraffin wax myself in decades, but I'm not completely opposed to it. You're old enough to decide for yourself. ;)

Jan 02, 2012
Making chocolate that hardens after dipping NEW
by: Jim

For chocolate that is to be dipped and left to harden, try melting some household paraffin wax and mixing the chocolate into it while it is still hot. It will set quite quickly after dipping and will stay hard at room temperature. Be sure to use only wax that is intended for cooking, preserving, and candy making. The general rule is about one block of paraffin to 24 ounces of chocolate. It will provide a beautiful sheen when done and is completely edible although the body will not digest the wax.

Good luck but be careful melting the wax as wax is highly flammable.


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