How to figure out how much chocolate wafers to buy?

by Laurie
(Jamesville, NY)

How to figure out how much chocolate wafers to buy?

I am making 200 3 x 4 chocolate bars and was wondering if there is a way to estimate how much chocolate wafers I would need to buy.

Also what do you recommend to use to dye white chocolate lime green?

Hi Laurie,

Usually when you are trying to determine how much chocolate wafers to buy, you have to figure out how many ounces it takes to fill each mold.

A typical lollipop mold takes about 1 ounce of chocolate. I'm sure the size mold you are describing is going to take more than that. Where did you get the mold? Can you ask the company or perhaps find the info. on the packaging?

If not, the best option is going to be to just get yourself some chocolate chips at the grocery store, pop them in the microwave for a minute or so, stirring every 30 seconds until melted, and then fill as many molds as you can with the one package.

Then you can just do the math. For example, if it's a 16 ounce package (1 pound), and you are able to make 10 chocolate bars, then you know you'll need 20 pounds of chocolate wafers in order to make 200.

Once you figure out the amounts per candy bar, be sure to report back here so the next person won't have to go through the same exercise to figure it out. :)

As for making your white chocolate lime green instead, you can either use chocolate coloring tints, or just go ahead and buy the green wafers so you don't have to bother coloring them.

Hope that helps. What's the special occasion? Are you making these candy bars for a special party favor or something? I hope you'll show them off to us when you're finished. We always love to see everyone's homemade goodies!


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