How much quantity of Cocoa powder is to be used to prepare a sweet candy of 1 Kg.

by Prof. V.G.Krishnamurthy
(Chennai , Tamilnadu, India )

I want to add cocoa powder to my sweet sesame candy, as cocoa powder has more nutritive/ anti-oxidant value. I will use 1/2 Kg sesame seed & 1/2 Kg Jaggery. Please let me know as how much cocoa powder I should use in this regard. My method of making the candy is :

1. Make the jaggery as a paste by boiling.
2. Then adding sesame seed & well stirring.
3. Placing the paste on a plate.
4. After cooling, take the candy for packing.

Please let me know as when and how I should add the cocoa powder in my candy making process.

Chennai, India

Hi Prof. Krishnamurthy,

How much cocoa powder you use is going to be purely a matter of taste. If you are using natural unsweetened cocoa powder (often referred to as "regular" cocoa powder), you may want to use a little less than you would if you use Dutch processed cocoa powder (also referred to as alkalized cocoa powder).

The unsweetened cocoa powder is a little stronger and more bitter.

For the quantity of candy you are making, I'd probably start with a cup of cocoa powder. You can stir in a little more as needed while you are adding the sesame seeds and doing a "taste test" to get the desired amount of chocolaty flavor.

Hope that helps!

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