How Much Chocolate Needed To Make 200 Pretzel Rods?

by BG

How much chocolate needed to make 200 pretzel rods?

I am looking to make some chocolate dipped pretzel rods for my baby shower, but I'm not sure how much chocolate to buy. I would prefer to use candy melts rather than chocolate chips. What do you recommend?

Thanks in advance.

Hi BG,

You can use either chocolate chips or candy melts when making chocolate covered pretzels. Either will do, so as long as you prefer the taste of the candy melts, go ahead and use them.

In fact, you can use various colors to get really creative and decorative. You can dip them in one color and drizzle contrasting colors over the top, etc.

Of course, there is always the option of using chocolate pretzel molds if you want specific decorations or characters on the pretzels. There is a nice range of chocolate pretzel molds to choose from.

Regarding how much chocolate you'll need for 200 pretzels is another question entirely. It will really depend on the size of the pretzels that you use, how much of the pretzel you dip, and how thick you coat the pretzels.

I'm trying to recall the last time I made chocolate dipped pretzel rods and I can't remember about how many pretzel rods I managed per pound.

My best suggestion would be for you to go ahead and get some chocolate and pretzels for testing purposes. You can melt half a pound (or a pound) of chocolate and see how many pretzels you can manage to cover.

Once you've determined that, you can just do the math to figure out how many pounds you'd need to make 200 chocolate covered pretzel rods.

Keep in mind that the thinner the chocolate is, the further it will go. So, if you keep it warm (without burning or overheating) as you go along you'll be able to cover more pretzels with less chocolate.

Do me a favor? Once you DO figure out how many pretzels you are able to dip per pound, come back and let us know so that the next person who comes along asking this question can be directed here to your report and that will be a great help. :~)


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Feb 09, 2022
Pretzels NEW
by: Virginia

I have made about 5dz rods and 180 mini out of 1 lb of chocolate. I'm in Az just starting out and sell them by the dz and each for basic sprinkle or drizzle I price out to 1.25ea.

Nov 02, 2019
Thanks cont... NEW
by: Grateful

By the way, when I made the 30 rods, I only used one 12 oz bag of Wilton candy melts.

Nov 02, 2019
Thanks NEW
by: Grateful

I just want to thank the people that took the time to post an answer to this question. I only needed to make 30 chocolate covered pretzel rods but this info saved me so much time and guess work. This was my first time doing it so I had no idea how much chocolate I would need. I don't know if you guys will see this but thanks so much!

Apr 25, 2019
Selling Chocolate Pretzel Rods NEW
by: Angie from

I think you should be able to get $2 each if you be sure to load them up well with chocolate and/or toppings. If they are really visually appealing, the price will seem reasonable. All the best!

Apr 25, 2019
Pricing NEW
by: Shanlk

I’m making 300+ hand dipped pretzel rods with 4 colors, I want to charge $2/rod, us tgat too much??? Give me tour thoughts. TIA

Jan 07, 2018
Made these for Christmas NEW
by: Marcus

I made exactly 216 chocolate covered pretzel rods and gave them as Christmas gifts this year. 5 pounds of chocolate covered roughly 5 pounds of pretzel rods. Here's what I used:

Six 14.4-ounce bags of Snyder's of Hanover pretzel rods.
Four 10-ounce bags of Ghiradelli white chocolate melting wafers.
Four 10-ounce bags of Ghiradelli dark chocolate melting wafers.
Wilton brand sprinkles
11"x5" cellophane goodie bags by Unique Industries

There weren't very many broken rods in the bags I purchased, roughly 15 unusable rods, total. I kept my chocolate warm and made sure to thoroughly shake the excess chocolate off each rod after I dipped it. I did this by briskly swirling the pretzel over a deep bowl before laying it on parchment. This helped me ensure I wouldn't run out of chocolate, allowed me to reuse the excess chocolate, and made for a nice-looking pretzel rod in the end. After all the pretzels had been dipped, I placed the leftover chocolate in two separate piping bags, snipped a tiny opening, and drizzled white chocolate on dark rods and vice versa. I put red, white, and green nonpareils on half the rods after they had been drizzled. I placed 6 rods in each bag, tied it up with included twist ties, and attached a gift label. I purchased everything at Walmart and each gift cost me less than 2 bucks.

P.S. I originally bought three 27-ounce canisters of pretzel rods online, but had to return them as nearly half the rods were damaged beyond use during shipping. I would highly recommend buying the pretzels in-store and examining each bag for breakage before buying.

Sep 22, 2015
Amount of Chocolate to dip 200 pretzels NEW
by: Teddi

I had 200 pretzel rods to dip in chocolate and I used 6 lbs of Wilton's white chocolate melts to do the job. I did not have much left over. I left the top inch or so of pretzel uncoated, I didn't try to over coat it. Hope this helps someone in the future with this mind shattering question. As an aside - I only found these 2 lb packages of Wilton's candy melts at a Michaels store - not online. Very good price compared to the normal 12 oz. package.

Feb 07, 2012
How much chocolate to cover pretzel rods? NEW
by: Angie

Hi Magin,

I moved your question here where this subject has already been discussed.

Unfortunately, I don't have an exact ratio for you of how much chocolate you'll need per pretzel.

Off the top of my head, I'd say you'd need about 2 pounds for 70 pretzel rods.

You have to keep in mind that some cover their dipped pretzels more heavily than others. The warmer the chocolate is, the thinner it will be and so you'd be able to cover more pretzels if you only used a thin layer.

Of course, you don't want the chocolate TOO hot or you'll end up causing it to discolor - chocolate bloom.

I'd suggest the same to you as I suggested to BG in the post above. Make a small trial batch and see how many pretzels you can cover and then multiply it to find how much you'll need for the result and thickness YOU want.

Unfortunately, BG never came back and told us the results of their pretzel making, so hopefully you'll remember to do so. That way the next person who asks how much chocolate needed to cover so many pretzels, we can give them a better estimate.

Feb 07, 2012
How many bags of candy melts would I need? NEW
by: Magin G.

I'm making chocolate covered pretzels for my very first time. I am lost when it comes to how many bags of candy melts I will need. I'm not doing anything fancy just dipping it to cover a little over half the pretzel rod.

I am hoping someone will be able to help me so that I don't over buy or not buy enough and have to keep running to the store to purchase more.

I believe I am gonna probably be making about 70 of them.

Any tips or hints on making them will be greatly appreciated!


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