How Much Chocolate Do I Use?

by Debbie

How much chocolate do I use when molding lollipops?

I have never made candy of any kind and am attempting to try my hand at something that looks like it should be pretty simple.

My daughter is getting married and using a butterfly theme. We thought it would be nice to make butterfly lollypops to use as her favors.

I found some 2 in. molds, but I'm not sure how much chocolate they will hold. I need to know how much to purchase as I don't want to have too much. None of us need the extra calories but I want to make sure I have enough.

Please help me out!

Hi Debbie,

'How much chocolate do I use?' is never a difficult question for me. The more the better! But, I do understand your dilemma. :)

An average lollipop mold uses about 1 ounce of chocolate. There are 16 ounces in a pound, so you should be able to get 16 molded chocolate lollipops out of each pound of chocolate you melt.

I think it's great that you are going to leap off into the realm of candy making with butterfly lollipop wedding favors for your daughter!

I hope you'll take some photos and show off your work to all of us when you're finished. You can use the same form that you used to ask this question. :) Have fun!


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Aug 24, 2009
Lollipop butterflies
by: Anonymous

Hi Debbie: I just finished making butterfly lollipops this weekend and put them in an edible flower arrangement I made, they were absolutely beautiful, I used Merkins chocolate dics, used different colours to the wings, but doing the wings first and then letting that set and then pouring the chocolate on top afterwards.

Great idea for the wedding, I'm doing almond bark for my son's wedding this Dec., it's such a great idea.

It's really easy and looks absolutely awesome. Make sure to tap the mold after you've poured the chocolate this stops any air bubbles, it doesn't take long for the chocolate to set.

Good luck, for a Canadian chocolate lover...

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