How long with it take melted milk chocolate to harden in the fridge??

by Ro Laberee
(New Jersey)

I am melting down milk chocolate and will pour it into heart shaped forms for chocolate heart pops.

I will have a group of teens helping and I need to know how long it will take for the chocolate to harden??

Hi Ro,

If you are just talking about using regular lollipop molds, they should firm up in the fridge easily within 10-15 minutes.

The thicker the layer of chocolate, the longer it will take for the melted chocolate to set.

If you are in a mad rush, you can even use the freezer.

Sounds like you are going to have a great teen activity. It would be wonderful if you could take some snapshots and add them to the site here along with a description of your activity and how the kids enjoyed it.

Have fun!

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Jul 10, 2019
Chocolate molds
by: Rozzy

I read that you should never put chocolate molds in the refrigerator. How true is this. I need to make many molds. Thank you

Oct 31, 2018
Ktty Cat Chocolate Molds
by: Angie from

Something is definitely wrong if your chocolate molds aren't setting in the freezer after more than an hour. What exactly did you put in them? Did you just melt chocolate and pour them in the mold or did you add ingredients?

Oct 31, 2018
Help please
by: Becky

I am making chocolate black kitty cat molds and so far my chocolate has been in the freezer for over an hour and it still isn’t done yet. I’ve Ben checking on it every 20 mins. Should I wait for another hour or half hour?

Sep 22, 2018
I left my chocolate for overnight but it does not !!
by: Nandita

How to harden the chocolate. I had left it for overnight does not harden.

Feb 08, 2018
time it takes
by: varun

it might take 1 to 1.5 hours solidify a thick layer chocolate

Nov 23, 2017
How long it takes for chocolate to freeze in the freezer
by: Sam

It takes 30-45 minutes.

Oct 12, 2017

I'm making a chocolate eos! I'm so exited! It will be so fun!!!

Sep 06, 2015
White Chocolate Pokeball for Birthday Cake Topper
by: Angie from

It depends on how large the chocolate pokeball actually is. If it is fairly small it will only take about 5-10 minutes. Just keep checking it periodically and it should be fine.

Sep 06, 2015
How long does it take for chocolate to freeze?

I am making my brother a pokemon cake for his birthday and on the top I was going to put a chocolate pokeball on there. How long would it take for the white chocolate to harden in the freezer?

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