How long will Wilton melts stay good?

by Gregg

Working With Wilton Candy Melts...

Working With Wilton Candy Melts...

How long will Wilton melts stay good?

I have some Wilton melts that are 2 years old. I keep them in the freezer. The only time they are out is when I am making candy.

Are these not any good? I drizzled some on some cookies. They where a little harder to melt, but tasted okay.


Hi Gregg,

Your Wilton candy melts should still be good for years as long as they have been handled correctly.

Of course, fresher is better as in most cases, but as you discovered, your candy melts still tasted fine.

When in doubt, look on the packaging for a phone number to call the manufacturer. They usually list a customer service number on most products and you can ring them and ask about how long the particular product will last.

I've used chocolate melts that were a few years old myself and discovered the same thing as you did. They were a little harder to work with to get the right melting consistency, but they tasted great and no one was the wiser. :)

To help get a better melting consistency from older or less than fresh Wilton melts (or other chips or candy melts) get some Paramount Crystals and add a little to the candy when melting. They work wonders.

The only time I would really be concerned would be if you tasted the Wilton candy melts and they had a rancid taste. Of course, you would definitely not want to use them in that case.

The rule of thumb is pretty much that however the chocolate tastes before you melt it, it's going to taste the same afterward (unless you add flavoring oils to it, etc).

Taste test first if you are the least bit unsure. I always sample my chocolate candy bits regardless before making any candy or dessert that includes chocolate bits. I just can't resist!

Angie from Chocolate Candy Mall

Comments for How long will Wilton melts stay good?

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Jan 18, 2020
Bad candy melts
by: Diane

Brought candy melts big bright white 36 ounce bag. Started to melt candy in my Wilton candy maker. Candy won’t really melt. Just staying soft but really not melting. Back of bag says 2018 Wilton industries. Is this old product? I also have a new candy maker.

Nov 07, 2017
Freezing Wilton chocolate spoons NEW
by: Sylvia

I am going to be making Chocolate Spoons using Wilton chocolate melting chips, how long can they be stored in the freezer? And if they can’t be frozen, how long can they be left out at room temperature?

Oct 05, 2016
Eating Stale Chocolate Melts NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Ashley,
No I don't think there is any worry that you will get sick if the chocolate doesn't taste nasty. It sounds like your melts were exposed to some changing temperatures which has caused the fats to separate. I'm not saying you could "never" get sick from eating bad chocolate, because who knows what external elements may have been introduced to someone's chocolate somewhere, but it is very uncommon. If the melts still taste fine, they can still be used to melt down and mold or use for dipping, etc.

Oct 04, 2016
Wilton candy melt NEW
by: Ashley

Tried brand new bag of candy melts and didn't taste like the vanilla flavor. Looked kind of white speckled on it. It hasn't hit the two year mark of expiration but if it went bad will I get sick from it?

Jun 16, 2016
Rose melts for an October wedding NEW
by: Paula

I am making over 400 chocolate roses as wedding favors for my wedding in October this year. I decided to melt 2 kinds of chocolate,the mint with the regular dark coco. I plan to make them to store in shoe boxes with wax paper in between. How early can I make them? If I put them into gift treat bags, I would do that much closers to the October date. Thank you! Paula

Jul 29, 2015
Chocolate Melts Tasting Like Soap NEW
by: Angie from

Some people say that if your chocolate tastes like soap and you haven't had it anywhere near soap or a similar scent, that the oils in the chocolate may have gone through a process called saponification.

This is part of the soap making process, apparently and can sometimes happen with chocolate under the right conditions and ingredients.

As much as I love chocolate, I don't understand all of the science behind it's various foibles. :) It sounds like you didn't do anything wrong but the ingredients and time did the job against you.

Jul 24, 2015
candy melts have funny taste NEW

The candy melts I have had stored in cool, dry, dark room for 3 years melted fine, spread fine, but tasted like soap. What on earth caused the off taste. They had their own space and not by anything that could have caused this nasty taste. I wouldn't use this because of the bitter soapy taste. Still I would like to know what would cause this if everything else was as you said it would be. No one has said a thing about taste.

Jul 05, 2014
Storing Shower Favors NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Rhonda,
You should be able to make your favors a few weeks in advance. I would go ahead and place the Oreo cookies and pretzels in their favor bags and then store them in the air tight container.

Be sure to keep them in a cool dry place as well. If the temperature fluctuates you may end up with chocolate on the bags.

We'd love to see your finished results when you get them done. Take some photos and send them in with a bit about the shower and we'll feature them on the site. ;)


Jun 30, 2014
Candy Molds NEW
by: Rhonda


I'm planning for a large baby shower next month and purchased two Wilton molds. One to cover Oreos and the other to cover 1/2 of a pretzel. How far in advance could I make these candies?

Also should I place each of them in their small plastic bag with a ribbon for the shower in an air tight container or should I just store them all together in an air tight container, then when it gets closer to the shower put them in their decorative bag with a ribbon?

Thank you,


Aug 18, 2013
Storing Candy Made From Wilton Melts NEW
by: Angie from

That's great Renae! I'm sure your molded chocolate cowboy hats will turn out great.

I would simply use a Tupperware, Rubbermaid, or Snapware container to store them until you are ready for assembly. The only caution would be to make sure it doesn't have a lingering smell in it if you've used it to store something else in it before.

If you want to use a brand new container, they have them at Walmart for a decent price.

I look forward to hearing and seeing how your chocolates turn out! ;)

Aug 17, 2013
Storing Wilton Candy after Completed NEW
by: Anonymous

Thank You Angie.

Yes it is for my wedding. I am so Excited.

Yes I will Share Pictures.

Yes it is just the melts into molds. One color.

Do you recomend any air tight containers?

This is my first time and I am so excited. I know I have more than enough time.

Thank You,

Renae Santora (Trussel)

Aug 16, 2013
Storing Candy Made From Wilton Melts NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Renae,

Is it YOUR wedding coming up? If so, Congratulations! :) Planning and preparing for a wedding can be so much fun as long as you don't let the stress get to you. Enjoy every minute! I still have wonderful memories of planning my own wedding more than 23 years ago. ;)

Anyway, to your question...

You can go ahead and start making your cowboy hats now and they should be fine for the tops of the cupcakes next month as long as you store them properly.

I assume you are simply melting and molding the Wilton candy melts. Is that correct?

If so, just be sure to store them at a steady room temperature and in an airtight container so that they can't absorb any smells from other things that may be around them.

I'd get a nice airtight container and layer the cowboy hats between waxed paper or baking paper.

This sounds like a really cute wedding treat and I do hope that you'll take some photos and share the end results with us!

You can add the photos and tell us all about the wedding treats (and wedding itself!) on either our party favor page or our chocolate molds page. Either will do! We'd love to see them.


Aug 16, 2013
How To Store Wilton Candy After Made? NEW

I have a wedding to do in 5 weeks.

How far in advance can I make my Wilton Cowboy Hats for the top of my cupcakes?

I have to make about 100 of them.

Thank You,
Renae Santora (Trussel)
Scottsbluff, NE

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