How long will homemade hard candy suckers be good?

by Terri Grubb
(Gilbert, AZ)

I made these hard candy suckers with sugar, water, and light corn syrup a few weeks ago.

My husband just told my kids that they wouldn't be any good because there would be bacteria all over them and they would make them sick because there were no preservatives put into the candy when I made it.

Can you please give me the scoop on this issue as I haven't been able to find anything about it online.

Hi Terri,

Are you sure your hubby isn't just trying to save the suckers for himself? :-)

I honestly don't believe you have to worry about basic homemade hard candy lollipops going bad or being contaminated by bacteria unless you've left them uncovered and in a germ laden environment.

None of the ingredients "spoil" like milk, eggs, etc. Corn syrup CAN go bad, but it usually takes a few years and extreme temperatures to do so.

If you keep the suckers in a relatively cool, dry place they can stay fresh for 6 months or more at least.

I'm convinced "daddy" wants to keep more for him. Grin!


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Sep 13, 2019
Lollipopos on the cake... NEW
by: Angie from

I think it's a risk, but what I would do is test run by putting one of the lollipops in the fridge overnight and see what it's like the next day when you take it out and let it return to room temperature. It may become sticky or run a bit, but it may be fine. You won't know until you try. :)

Sep 12, 2019
lollipops in fridge NEW
by: courtney

just a quick question about storing homemade lollipops, I want to make them to decorate the top of a cake. Obviously the cake will have to be stored in the fridge, and it will be at least 24 hours before it is given to the customer, I wasn't sure if lollipops will be okay that long in the fridge, or if they will get ruined. I couldn't find anything helpful online.

Feb 21, 2019
Wilting lolli
by: Rita

I placed my lollies in a glass to store and they ended up wilting. They are still hard so I don’t understand why they wilted. Did anyone experience this before?

Nov 25, 2017
Shelf life NEW
by: LeAnn

Terri I have made these suckers for years normally I always kept them refrigerated until I packaged them. My friend was just asking and she said she had kept them out and they were still good six months later. As long as you store and handle them properly they should be fine and they are safe to eat without presevatives

Feb 07, 2012
UN molding hard candy NEW
by: Maria Elia Flores

I found cooking spray to work ....One spray should have you covered for multi uses of your mold (you won't have to respray each time) also I have a silicone cookie sheet with a metal wiring around so it is elevated from the ground .I place my mold over that flipped over & use my 2 thumbs to apply pressure to pop it out... The silicone pan gives it bounce so it won't can use a plastic plate also or a folded up towel.... I caution against the towel unless you like lint fuzzys....

Dec 19, 2011
Removing Hard Candy From Molds NEW
by: Angie

Hi Claudine,

The "professionals" recommend buffing the molds first before using them for chocolate, but when it comes to hard candy, that's another story entirely.

Most of us just fall back on an old faithful trick...

Have you tried wiping the molds with a little vegetable oil before filling them? Either that or spraying them with a cooking oil spray (like Pam) should solve your problem.

Let me know if it does the trick for you, too!

Kindest regards,

Dec 19, 2011
How do you remove a hard candy lollipop from the mold? NEW
by: Claudine

How do you remove a hard candy lollipop from the mold, without breaking apart?

I have tried over and over again with my hard candy lollipops. But every time I try to release the hard candy from the mold, it tends to crack and break every time.

I have tried to freeze it for a little, then tried to place the mold on top of hot water for a few seconds, but I get the same results.

Can anyone help me with this please?

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