How long will homemade chocolate suckers stay good in the fridge?

How long will chocolate stay fresh in the fridge?

I am making homemade chocolate suckers as favors for a wedding. I don't know how long in advance I can make them and how to store them after they are made.

I am planning to wrap them in cello for presentation. I am hoping they will keep for 3 weeks.

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Dec 11, 2014
keeping finished molded chocolates NEW
by: Tess Soriano

Oct 27, 2011
Truffles Shelf Life
by: Angie

If you are referring to a chocolate ganache truffle made by combining chocolate and cream, the shelf life of the truffles will probably only be about 3 weeks max.

Truffles can be frozen for much longer than that, but I would assume the people who purchase your truffles for the holiday season may not want to freeze them (or may not think to do so), so you should probably let them know of the limited shelf life.

Oct 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

Hi, could you advise me how long truffles (made with cream) should last for if wrapped in cello bags. I am making and selling them at a christmas stall but worried if people buy they may not keep until christmas. Should they always be stored in the fridge too?

Nov 09, 2010
Chocolate Sweating
by: Angie

It's really almost impossible to avoid chocolate sweating if you are determined to put it in the refrigerator.

If possible, make your candy in a cooler environment so that you can allow the chocolate to set at room temperature. This way you won't have the condensation or the color changes.

Nov 09, 2010
buterscotch chocolate
by: pinky

im making chocolates in the home as a professional but whenenver i make chocolate after sometime its getting sticky and shining goes after dries, and im getting a hell problem with the buterscotch im using readymade buterscotch for cocolate but after 3-4 days im finding some insects in the chocolate or some holes and near to hole some small small particals not getting what is that pls help me i have newly started this buisiness.

Aug 17, 2010
by: Anonymous

hi i am making choc as at home and doing it professionaly so i would like to ask you when we remove from th fridge it sweats and if we wait for them to dry then it starts changing the colous as well as it becomes sticy. and not all choc sweat some do and some dont. so kindly tell me if i am wrong somewhere and how do i get rid of this problem

Nov 12, 2008
Don't wrap chocolate until dry.
by: Angie

That's one of the problems that can be created when placing chocolates in the refrigerator to set. It does speed up the process, but it also can lead to condensation and even "sugar bloom."

If the weather/temperature permits, just let the chocolate set at room temperature before wrapping. That's the safest option.

If you must put your homemade chocolates in the refrigerator, gently cover them with a towel when you remove them so that they return to room temperature slowly and without a lot of air circulation.

This may allow them to return to room temperature without the condensation or 'sweating.' You don't want to wrap the chocolate until it is dry, or you will probably end up with marks on the packaging as well as sugar bloom - gray/white looking chocolate.

Nov 11, 2008
by: arti dalmia

hi, after setting chocolates in refrigerator 10 mins, i take them out and they start sweating. so tell me when should I wrape them?

May 07, 2008
Chocolate Stays Good For Ages
by: Angie

Chocolate stays good and fresh for a long time, especially if it is just plain chocolate suckers. If you were making truffles or something along those lines you'd have a shorter "shelf life."

For chocolate suckers, they will easily keep for months. You don't really have to store them in the fridge unless your home is too hot. At room temperature they should be fine. Just keep them in a cool, dry place (free of odors). You can place them in a box or cookie tin, etc.

The main thing is that they don't melt or freeze. They'll still taste fine if that happens, but they won't look as nice. They get a bit of 'bloom' if they go through temperature changes which looks like a bit of white coating.

If you decide you definitely ought to keep them in the refrigerator because your house is too warm, you can do that too. After you've got them wrapped in the cello, place them in an airtight container to keep any moisture out. Some people even wrap a towel around the container for extra protection.

Three weeks isn't long, so personally, I'd keep them at room temperature if I could possibly manage it.

Here's more information on storing candy if you need it.

Hope the suckers come out perfect! I'd love to see the finished product. Would you snap a photo and share it with us on our chocolate party favor page.

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