How long will cream filled homemade chocolates last?

by Elly

How long will cream filled homemade chocolates last?

Many of the recipes for filled homemade chocolates use cream - but I don't know how long these will last.

I want to give them out to colleagues at work as a Christmas gift, but need plenty of time to prepare them before giving them out, and I don't know if I would need to advise them to eat them quickly.

Hi Elly,

Most of the cream filled chocolates that use real cream (like truffles) will have a shorter shelf life than other cream filled chocolate candy.

Recipes vary, but some truffles made with real cream can last up to a month in the refrigerator. You can even freeze them for about 2 months if needed.

Of course, you'll have to concern yourself with wrapping the chocolates well in an airtight container to try to eliminate bloom (discoloration) of the chocolate from the temperature changes and possible condensation.

You may want to consider making the centers ahead of time and freezing them and saving the dipping process to do as close to the time of gifting as possible.

Lucky colleagues!

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Oct 08, 2009
Truffles With Fondant Centers
by: Angie

Using fondant as a center for truffles should give it a fairly long shelf life in some cases.

I suppose if you use a recipe that has egg in it, you may have to be a bit more cautious, but it's my understanding that if you have corn syrup or glucose syrup in the recipe, you usually get a couple of months shelf life.

Anyone else know the answer to this for sure?

Oct 07, 2009
by: Anonymous

About how long will "truffles" made with fondant centers last?

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