How long will Christmas Chocolate Candy Gifts keep?

by NuttyN
(Somerset UK)

I am looking to make Christmas chocolate candy gifts with my children for the family. I am due to have a baby soon so we wanted to make them in advance and wondered what we could make that would last a long time (a month).

Hi NuttyN,

Congratulations on the coming baby! What a lovely Christmas blessing.

Homemade chocolate candy gifts are a great idea and will be even more special making them with your kids.

There are a number of choices. You can freeze most chocolate candy gifts for a couple of months. Just be sure to wrap them well if you do.

You might want to use newspaper or even a tea towel to give them that added protection if you are concerned about moisture. When removing, leave the wrapping on them until they are completely thawed.

Most fudge recipes keep really well. Truffles can be frozen, too.

Chocolate covered treats like marshmallows, pretzels, dried fruit, and chocolate covered nuts don't even need to be frozen.

Just keep them in an airtight container at a moderate room temperature and they should be fine.

I hope you'll let me know what you decide to make and maybe share a photo or two with us.

Blessings for a safe and healthy delivery,

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Sep 04, 2011
thanks for a wonderful resource!
by: deborah

My daughter's wedding is in a month and I wanted to make chocolate favors and was concerned about storing the finished product. Now I know I can freeze them! I tested some of the candies and with the heat and humidity in Aug. and Sept. the chocolates developed the "bloom." Thanks for a wonderful resource of information.

Oct 07, 2009
Christmas Chocolate Candy Gifts
by: Angie

Hi Elly,

I responded to this question in your other post already, but the answer to this one is more general.

It all depends on the type of chocolate candy gifts you make. :)

Some homemade chocolate candy will last for months. Others may not be as tasty after more than a few weeks.

Choose something with a longer shelf life if you really need to make them far in advance.

Remember, too, that you can freeze some homemade chocolates if needed. Just be sure to wrap them really well and allow them to return to room temperature gradually and still wrapped to cut down on the condensation and possible "bloom" effect.

Oct 06, 2009
Ganache & Cream Filled Chocolates
by: Elly

Can anyone tell me how long cream filled chocolates will last?

Or do you have alternative recipes to fill homemade chocolates.

I want to give out christmas gifts to collegues at work.

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