How long will chocolate lollipops stay fresh after making them?

by Ingrid Wade
(Sarasota, FL)

I am making lots and lots of chocolate lollipops for my Granddaughter's 6th Birthday party and I want to get a head start making them. How far in advance can I make them so they will be fresh for the party. (the party is on February 22nd)

I will be wrapping the lollipops in clear plastic bags and tie with a ribbon.

Can the lollipops be refrigerated? Thanks for your help.

Ingrid Wade

Hi Ingrid,

Chocolate lollipops will stay fresh a very long time if you have them wrapped as you describe and keep them in an airtight container and at room temperature.

You don't want to store them close to any strong smells because chocolate absorbs smells pretty easily and will take on that in the flavor.

Don't refrigerate them, or they may get discolored. Temperature extremes can cause the chocolate to "bloom" which is when the sugar or fats separate and makes the chocolate look a bit gray or white. It doesn't affect the taste, but it doesn't look as pretty. :-)

So, it's safe to go ahead and start making them now for February 22. They should certainly keep until then without a problem.

Your granddaughter is a lucky little girl. What are you making? A favorite character or design? We'd love it if you'd take a photo and show off your party favors to us when you are done.


Comments for How long will chocolate lollipops stay fresh after making them?

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Mar 09, 2019
White Chocolate Lollipops with colored decorations NEW
by: Angie from

I think that I would be inclined to wait as long as possible simply because I would be a little worried about the color from the decorations leaching into the white chocolate. I don't know that will happen over time in your case, but I've seen it before and that was the first thing that popped into my head when I saw your question. You'd probably be safe for a few weeks if they are temperature controlled but I don't think I'd want to risk longer than that.

Mar 08, 2019
How early can I make wht chocolate lollipops NEW
by: Chris

Hello! How early can I make wht chocolate lollipops for a special event coming up in 5 months?
I am decorating with "edible pixie dust", then placed in cello bags & secured with a foil ribbon
Thank you!

Mar 26, 2018
Storing chocolate lollipops NEW
by: Angie from

They should be fine for an extra week or two. Just be sure to keep them at a moderate temperature and don't put them close to anything that has a strong smell. Send us some photos! :)


Mar 23, 2018
Chocolate lollipops NEW
by: Evette

Hi! I made some chocolate lollipops they where supposed to be use for this weekend march 25. Plans where cancelled for next weekend if i put them in plastic bagas will they stay with a good taste still?

Mar 13, 2018
Chocolate lollipops NEW

Hi I'm planning on doing chocolate lollipops for my son baptism and his baptism is March 24,2018 when it will be good to start them?

Aug 17, 2017
Elmo chocolate mold lollipops NEW
by: Aimee

Hello today is August 17th 2017 my son's birthday party is on August 27th which is next Sunday, when do you think I can start making them?

Feb 28, 2017
Preserving chocolate lollipops for show NEW
by: Monica

I want to open my own store and show chocolate lollipop sample. How do I keep them from molding

Jan 24, 2017
Freshness of Stored Chocolate Candy NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Lynn,

I'd probably only make them a few weeks in advance. It's really hard to give an exact time frame as it depends on so many things - the quality of the chocolate, the way the candy is stored, the temperature in the environment, etc. Realistically, they could last for months in pretty good condition if the environment is ideal, but I wouldn't want to chance it for a special event.

Jan 23, 2017
Freshness NEW
by: Lynn

I am having a baby shower on 4/1/17 and I'm making chocolate covered pretzels and lollipops. How far in advance can I make these and they will still be fresh?

Nov 23, 2016
Chocolate issues NEW
by: Gemma

Hi I have exactly the same problem as another on here. Making chocolate lollipops not over heating the chocolate at all, setting them in the fridge until just set, removing them from mould to room temp, wrapping in clear bags and ties and placing in air tight container. After 3days they are getting a strange white crackled effect on them. I am selling these and am having panic attacks why this is suddenly happening, can't afford to remake over 200 lollipops Please help.

Mar 08, 2016
Chocolate Cowboy Boots and Horses NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Roxanne,
Your Western chocolate pops sound like they are going to be adorable. You can absolutely make them now. They keep for several weeks and often even longer when stored properly.

Just try to keep them away from strong smells and at a stable temperature. I don't know where you are located but if it is too hot there, you may have to take the chance of refrigerating them. That's not the best option, but it's better than a melted mess.

If you do have to refrigerate, put them in an airtight container and when you take them out for the party, wrap the container in a towel and let it come to room temperature before opening the container.

That will reduce the risks of condensation build up as it returns back to room temperature.

We'd love to see your finished chocolate cowboy boots and horses when you get them done. Maybe you could send me some along with some pictures of the party and I will post them for everyone to enjoy.


Mar 07, 2016
western pops NEW
by: Roxanne

Hello. I will be making cowboy boots and horses chocolate pops for my daughter's 4th b-day. Its my first time and i was just wondering how far in advance can I make them? Her party is March 12th and also how to store them so they won't melt?

Feb 19, 2016
How To Permanently Rid Of A Few White Specks On Homemade Chocolate NEW
by: Steph

Although I'm relatively new at candy making, I have had one batch that had a few white specks on the homemade molded chocolate lollipops. I was in a hurry to fulfill orders for Valentines Day and set the candy to firm up inside the refrigerator instead of the freezer. I had one extra white speckled piece of candy left afterward.

I discovered that since chocolate has a high amount of fat (oil) that I could spray the corner of a paper towel with oil, transfer that spray to the corner of a 2nd paper towel and gently touch the chocolate lollipop white spots. When gently touching the imperfect spots I avoided the transference of a glossy finish and a greasy look/taste of oil. The test product stayed looking beautiful and was eaten after 7 days.

Feb 11, 2016
Chocolate NEW
by: Janel

Hi. I am melting Norwegian chocolate cause it tastes the best and making pops... I set them in the fridge then put them in clear bags once back to room temp. After 2 days they are getting a whitish speckled look to them .how can I prevent this.

Sep 21, 2014
Too hot for chocolate lollipops NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Nea,
If the weather is too hot and you can't keep your lollipops in an air conditioned room, you're going to have to wrap them well and put them in the fridge. Yes, they may discolor once you've removed them, but what other option do you have? You'll have to take your chances. If you leave them covered with a towel as you return them to room temperature, you'll have a better shot of avoiding discoloration.

Sep 19, 2014
Melting NEW
by: Néa

My lollipops are ready, but they're melting, 'cause it's very hot here, what can i do?

Jul 28, 2014
Storing chocolate and marshmallows... NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Kristin,
Yes, that should be perfectly fine for your party. Do take some pictures and show them off to us. You can send them to me via email angie at and I'll post them on the site! :)
Have fun!

Jul 28, 2014
Unbagged Chocolates NEW
by: Kristin

Hello, 7/28/14

I'm having a party this Saturday Aug 2nd. I have a bunch of chocolates I want to make but I'm not planning on bagging each one. They are little red fire trucks and yellow chocolate on marshmallows that looks like "paint". We're having a construction party. So I'm wondering, when I make the fire trucks, can I just put them in a air tight container and leave them in a cool place? As for the yellow chocolate marshmallows, I was gonna maybe do those on Thursday night, I don't want the marshmallow to get steal. But again, if they are in an air tight container, they should be fine, right? Just didn't want to do all this late in the week. Was hoping to get to them tomorrow night.

Thanks!! Kristin

Jul 19, 2014
How long can you store chocolate lollipops? NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Emily,

It really depends on the environment/temperature that you store the chocolates. Yes, 3 months should be fine, but obviously the closer to the time needed, the better.

Follow the advice above on storage and you should be fine.


Jul 19, 2014
how long NEW
by: Emily

When was this posted for I want to know how long they can be kept in time. 3 months?

Jul 10, 2013
condensation NEW
by: Jessica R

Thank Angie for the feedback. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed.

Jul 10, 2013
Refrigerating Chocolate Lollipops NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Jessica,

If you don't have an air-conditioned room to keep them in, you may have to opt for the fridge and hope for the best.

Just keep them in the airtight container and let them return to room temperature while still covered when you take them out. That should cut down on the condensation concerns.

Hope they turn out great on the day!

Jul 10, 2013
condensation NEW
by: Jessica R

Hi. I'm so glad I found this site! I just finished making 50 chocolate lollipops for my cousin's birthday this coming Saturday. I put the pops in an airtight container but they are quite soft. It's really hot and humid here in NJ. Today I'm going to try putting them in bags and tying them with ribbon. I'm afraid to stick them in the fridge for fear on condensation. Any suggestions?. Thank you in advance! :)

Jul 10, 2013
Chocolate Melting In Outdoor Summer Setting NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Karin,

I would DEFINITELY wait. :) Chocolate melts quite easily, so you may end up with puddles of chocolate if you aren't careful.

Sounds like the Hello Kitty lollipops are going to be adorable, and you want to keep them that way till you give them to the kids.

We'd LOVE to see them too! Would you take some photos and show them off to us here? Even if it's simply happy snaps from the party when the kids get them.

Send them along to me (via email if you prefer) and I'll add them to the site.

Have fun!

Jul 10, 2013
Chocolate lollipops out in the heat at a party NEW
by: Karin

Hi Angie,

I am making chocolate Hello Kitty lollipops for my daughter's 3rd birthday this saturday. The party will be outdoors and the forecast is 85 and sunny. THe area will be tented but i was wondering how long the lollipops would withstand the heat outdoors before melting. Would I be better off waiting until dessert time to display them for the guests? Thank you, Karin

Apr 12, 2013
Transporting Molded Chocolates NEW
by: Angie from

I hate to say it, Beth, but you're much more likely to get your chocolate champagne bottles to the engagement party safe and sound if you take them on the plane with you.

If you absolutely had to post them, you could. It may be cool enough this time of year that you wouldn't have to worry about the heat, but breakage might be a problem if you're already having trouble.

Are you by chance placing the molded chocolates in the freezer for a few minutes before taking them out of the mold? This can sometimes help in getting the chocolate to release from the mold and reducing the breakage.

Just be careful not to freeze them for too long because then you run the risk of discoloration of the chocolate (chocolate bloom). You just want to make them cold enough to release from the molds easily.

I would go ahead and wrap the chocolate champagne bottles in whatever cello favor wrapper you were planning to use and then place them in an airtight container in layers with a cloth padding between each layer - like dish towel or dish cloth.

Don't leave a lot of wiggle room in the container, regardless of whether you post them or carry them with you. The less wiggle room, the less breakage you're likely to experience.

I hope they turn out really cute and are a big hit at the engagement party.

Apr 11, 2013
How to transpor molded chocolates NEW
by: Beth

Thanks for the reply, Angie. First the mold is 3.5 inches long and 1 inch wide., of solid chocolate.
When un molding they break at the neck of the bottle.
I am making 40-50.
I would like to post them but if needed they could go on a plane with me.

Apr 11, 2013
How To Transport Molded Chocolates NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Beth,

Give us a bit more info. How large are the chocolate champagne bottles? How many are you making? Are they solid chocolate or filled with liquor or cream? Are you talking about posting them, taking them on a road trip or flying with them?

If you tell us more, we can try to offer the best solutions.


Apr 10, 2013
how to transport NEW
by: Beth

Making champagne bottle molds for an engagement party but I live in CA and have to transport to MA any ideas on how to get them there without melting or breaking?

Mar 26, 2013
Best Chocolate For Candy Making NEW
by: Angie from

Hi Rach,

Congrats on your upcoming wedding! :) It's so fun to plan a wedding. Enjoy every moment as the planning becomes part of your wonderful memories.

When it comes to the best chocolate to use for candy making, it all comes down to a matter of opinion!

Simply choose a chocolate that YOU like and you'll be fine. Different chocolates have a different taste and mouth feel.

If you're simply melting and molding the chocolate, you won't really be altering the chocolate (as long as you don't overheat it), so taste the various chocolate options and choose the one that you prefer.

Of course, some chocolate types do melt and mold easier than others. Check out the chocolate options and the paramount crystals at Candyland Crafts if you're a bit nervous. They are easy to use and provide good results.

Best wishes for your big day!

Mar 26, 2013
what is the best chocolate to use? NEW
by: Rach

Hi Angie, i want to make milk chocolate heart shaped lollies as favors for our wedding this summer, and I'm just wondering which is the best brand of chocolate to use?

Aug 13, 2012
Storing Homemade Chocolate Lollipops NEW
by: Angie

Hi Joanne,

Your house doesn't have to be cold, just cool enough to keep the chocolate from melting. :) If your house is not over 80-85 degrees F. you should be fine leaving them at room temperature.

I would try to make the chocolate lollipops within 6 weeks of the wedding and store them at room temperature for best results. As I mentioned earlier, if you refrigerate them, you run the risk of discoloration.

A Rubbermaid container should be perfectly fine as long as it doesn't have any smells in it that the chocolate would absorb.

Sounds like a big project, but one that will be both fun and appreciated. As always, we'd LOVE to see some photos of your finished chocolate lollipops. I hope you'll take some and share them with us! :)

Aug 13, 2012
280 lollipops
by: Joanne

I am making at leat 280 lollipops for a wedding. I live in S.C. and even though my house is air conditioned it isn't cold. The wedding is in October. How far in advance can I start to make them and can I put them in the refridge wrapped and in a rubber maid container. What would you suggest I should do? Thank you for your help.

Jun 22, 2012
Putting Chocolate Lollipops in the Fridge
by: Angie

Your homemade chocolate lollipops shouldn't be getting "soft" once you remove them from the fridge unless your house is hot.

Are you just using plain chocolate to melt and mold? Not adding anything that is causing it to go soft?

If the temperature in your house is the problem, the lollipops will melt once you bring them out no matter how long you keep them in the fridge to start with.

There isn't really a magic time that is safe to put your chocolate lollipops in the fridge. You might be safe from chocolate bloom if you take them out within 10-20 minutes, but depending on the chocolate you are using, the temp of your fridge, the humidity in your home, etc., it would really be a matter of trial and error.

Jun 22, 2012
Choc Lollies
by: Anonymous


I have been experimenting with these for my 30th Birthday party however once they have set in the fridge and I take them out etc they seem to get very soft quite quick. What is the maximum time you would suggest they get left in the fridge for without discolouring?


Jun 19, 2012
Storing Chocolate Lollipops For Months
by: Angie

Just like the suggestions made to those who posted before you, you CAN store your chocolate lollipops in cello and organza bags for quite a while, but you must be sure that they aren't being exposed to any heat, cold, damp, smells, etc.

If you can manage to wait until August to make them, I'd wait. And also, as mentioned previously, try to get the freshest chocolate for molding to give you that extra "edge" on freshness. :)

Hope they turn out great!

Jun 19, 2012
chocolate lollipops in organza bag
by: Anonymous

I am making chocolate lollipops for an event for mid sept. I will be puting them in a celo bag and then in an organza bag. How long can I store them like this? How far in adviance can I make and store them.


Mar 27, 2012
Wrapping Molded Lollipops
by: Angie

If you've let them set at room temperature, you can wrap them immediately, but if you put them in the fridge or freezer to set, then I would wait until they return to room temperature before wrapping so that you don't get any condensation inside the wrap.

Mar 27, 2012
by: Barb

I am making chocolate lollipops for my daughter's wedding in May. I read we are to put them in an airtight container and keep them cool. Can I wrap them immediately taking them out of the mold or do i let them sit for awhile. Thanks

Jan 16, 2012
Chocolate Lollipops for Weddings
by: Angie

Hey Bride-To-Be,

Congratulations on your up coming wedding. How exciting! I still remember mine like it was yesterday (almost 22 years ago!). Savor every moment of the planning and the big day.

I do think that your homemade lollipops for your wedding would store fine for 3 months, but I don't want to guarantee it and have you be utterly disappointed. Theoretically, they should be fine if all the conditions are right.

Think of it this way. If you bought the chocolate now and waited to melt it closer to the day, you are still using the same chocolate, so the freshness of the chocolate really won't have changed in that regard.

If you really want to make them this far in advance, buy the freshest chocolate or wafers that you can and do store them as well as possible.

We'd love to see them, so take some photos and add them to our chocolate party favor page.

Best wishes!

Jan 16, 2012
Chocolate suckers
by: Bride-to-be

Hello, I was reading the comments about being able to store the chocolate suckers for quite awhile. I was unsure if it was ok to make them 3 months before our upcoming wedding. I'm wanting to make them now if I could. I have made them many times before just never so far ahead. Would they be ok in a sealed tub in our basement where it's not to cold or to hot? Thanks so much in advance!

Aug 31, 2011
Storing Chocolate Lollipops
by: Angie

Chocolate lollipops should easily stay fresh for several weeks if stored properly following suggestions above.

They would even probably still be fine for several months, but I wouldn't want to chance that for a special occasion. It's not that they would be "bad" just that they may not be as "good." Does that make sense? :)

Aug 31, 2011
Fresh Timeline?
by: Leah

I also wanted to know how long they will stay fresh. Planning to make ladybugs for my daughter's birthday party and have so many things to do I'd like to start as early as possible. I can't find any kind of date stamp on the previous question/comments. Could you please answer in days/weeks/months? Thank you!

Jan 08, 2011
Storing Chocolate
by: Angie

Hi Cheryl,

Either plastic or tin containers should work fine. Just be sure the container doesn't have a smell from something that was kept in it previously. :)

You don't want your lollipops to end up smelling like onions or something! :)

Don't forget that we LOVE photos, so show them off for us!

Jan 08, 2011
How long will chocolate lollipops stay fresh!
by: Cheryl

I too am making lollipops for my daughters baby shower, i just searched the question and found your answer, perfect as the baby shower is February 26 and I am making over 100, three designs a monkey, lion, and giraffe, I am grouping them in 3's and they will be tagged with the guests name and table number. Good to know I can start now! What type of sealed container- plastic or tin?
Thank you for the great advice and look forward to hearing about the container.

Aug 14, 2010
Gluing with Chocolate Candy Melts
by: Anonymous

I just used these melted Candy Melts to glue my fondant pieces and edible pearls on my cake, and it made it all the way from Bloomington IL to Chicago IL without ANY falling off!

Feb 13, 2009
Chocolate Molded Flowers
by: Angie


I'm so glad they've worked out well for you. Do you have a digital camera or phone to take photos? We'd love to see them!

You can upload one using the form, or just send them to me via email at angie(at) and I'll add them to this page. :)

I'll want to see your molded Easter chocolates too. Isn't it just so fun?!

Feb 13, 2009
Chocolate Lollipops
by: Ingrid Wade

Thanks for the information on keeping chocolate lollipops fresh. My chocolate flowers in little terra cotta pots are ready for the February 22nd Garden Party.

I experimented and "painted" some of the petals with a colored chocolate then filled the mold with either milk or white chocolate. They are so pretty. I used four different molds and put a variety of "flowers" into each pot. I think the children will love them.

I love making chocolates and can't wait for Easter!

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