How long will chocolate candy stay fresh after making?

by Dianne Story
(Catawba, NC)

I want to make different kinds of candies for Christmas but I don't know how long it will stay fresh. I plan on putting them in the decorative tins to give away. Does anyone have any ideas on this?


Hi Dianne,

Putting the candy in tins is a great way to keep it fresh. It will last for a couple of months, at least, for most types of chocolate candy.

The only thing you really need to be careful with is truffles, etc., that call for refrigeration. Most recipes that have a short shelf life will say so.

The recipe will tell you if you need to keep the candy refrigerated and about how long it will stay fresh.

Some candies, like chocolate covered cherries, are even better when they've aged. You just need to read the recipe to be sure.

Apart from that, things like molded chocolates, cream filled chocolates, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate bark, etc. will keep for ages in a tin.

Have fun making your chocolate Christmas candy! I hope you'll show off your Christmas candy with us when you get it done. :-)

Happy Holidays!

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