How long does packaged dry fondant last?

by Rita Houser
(Little Hocking, Ohio)

How long does packaged dry fondant last?

I have had dry fondant kept in my basement for about 6 years, it is in it's original package. Is it still good to use for making icing for cookies?

Hi Rita,

Since you are asking us, I assume it doesn't give any indication on the fondant packaging about how long it will keep?

I'd guess it would easily be fine for a year or two - six years is a pretty long time, but if the conditions are right, who knows?

Why not prepare a little and see for yourself how it tastes? The taste test is the ultimate test! :)

Fondant is not my favorite icing when it's thick, like on some cakes, but thin on cookies would probably be more to my liking.

Has anyone else used dry fondant that's been around for years? What did you discover? Was it still usable and tasty? Please take a few moments to share your experience with Rita by using the comment link below.

Rita, do let us know what you discover if you prepare a sample batch and give it a try. Your results could help someone else who comes looking for the answer to the same question later. :)

Hoping it turns out great for you!

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