How long does candy from molds last?

by Mandy

When I was little I would help my grandmother make candy every Christmas. She made everything from molds to her own creations.

She is now gone and I have her molds. Now that my own daughter is a little older I want to start this tradition with her.

The thing is we are so rushed around the holidays and freezer space is an issue. How far in advance can I make candy in molds and them still be good to give as Christmas gifts? How do I store them?

Thanks - I am so glad I found this website!

Hi Mandy,

How lovely! I think that's a wonderful idea to remember and pass on these beautiful memories and traditions with your own daughter.

If you have a cool dry location to store your molded candy, you can keep them for a few weeks at least. You don't have to freeze them.

Use an airtight container that doesn't have any odors in it from previous use. Chocolate will take on the scents of things around it, like garlic, onions, scented candles, etc, because it absorbs easily.

As long as the molded chocolates don't get too warm or too cold, you should be safe.

Don't forget to take some photos and show them off here for us. You can either add them to our Christmas candy page or our chocolate molds page. We'd love to see them!

Thanks for your kind words about our site. I'm so pleased to know you like it.

Have fun!

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Sep 28, 2012
How long can you store molded chocolate? NEW
by: Angie from

As I mentioned in my first reply, it depends on how you store your molded chocolate as to how long it will stay fresh. A few weeks should be easy to achieve.

There is no exact set time (days, weeks, months, years) because there are variables. What kind of molded chocolate you made (filled, solid, etc), the temperature in your location and so forth.

For your own use, you can probably keep them for many months, but if you are giving them as gifts, etc., you want them to be as "fresh" as possible, so I would try to make them within 2 months of gifting - personally.

Sep 28, 2012
How long? NEW
by: Anonymous

You did not say how long? How many months? Years?

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