How long do chocolate covered pretzels stay fresh?

by Sara
(Warrenton, GA)

Just want to know how long chocolate covered pretzels will last and taste fresh.

Hi Sara,

This question has been asked and answered several times already. You can use the Search Feature to look for answers without having to wait for me to answer them.

Searching first also saves me time, too. ;~)

The quick answer is that chocolate covered pretzels will keep for weeks if stored properly (and sometimes even months).

Merry Christmas!

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Dec 09, 2011
How to keep chocolate pretzels from melting...
by: Angie

Hi Kari,

Chocolate can begin to melt at temperatures as low as 63 degrees F., so it's no wonder that your chocolate pretzels are melting on your fingers when normal body temperatures average around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. :)

You can temper the chocolate to give it a higher melting point, but it will still melt around body temperature, so if your chocolate covered pretzels are just for personal/family enjoyment, it's probably not worth the hassle of tempering the chocolate.

The only other suggestion I could make would be to try adding a little food grade paraffin wax into your chocolate when melting to give it a little firmer finish. You might use perhaps a teaspoon or so per pound of chocolate.

Dec 09, 2011
How do you keep chocolate pretzels from melting?
by: Kari

I made chocolate covered pretzels with chocolate chips and when I leave them at room temp, the chocolate melts.

How do I keep that from happening so that I don't have messy fingers when I am eating them! ;)

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