How long can you store chocolate covered pretzels and where should you keep them?

Hi! I want to make chocolate covered pretzels for my son's preschoolers. I want to get a head start. I will be delivering the treats in a week. Should I store the chocolate covered pretzels in the fridge or is room temperature fine?

Thanks and happy holidays!

Storing chocolate covered pretzels at room temperature is fine. The main points to keep in mind is that you don't want to store them near anything with a strong smell, like onions or scented candles, etc.

Chocolate absorbs the smells around it fairly easily, so it's good to put your chocolate candy in an airtight container when possible. A tin, jar, or plastic container works well in most cases.

Also, be sure the "room temperature" doesn't fluctuate greatly. If the temperature rises and falls too much, you may end up with discoloration (but they will still taste good). :)

Chocolate covered pretzels have a fairly long shelf life when stored properly (several weeks, at least), so you should have no problem at all getting that head start you want.

I hope your son's preschoolers really enjoy the chocolate covered pretzels!

Merry Christmas!

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Apr 20, 2016
Chocolate covered pretzels NEW
by: Tami

Just wondering if you can freeze the homemade chocolate covered pretzels. And how long can you keep them in the freezer?

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