How Long Can I Store Candy?

by Debbie
(new york)

How long can I store candy once I made it? I need to make candy for an event about a month away. Is it ok to make the candy now and bag it in plastic bags? Will it stay fresh?

Hi Debbie,

A lot depends on what type of candy you are making. I assume you are referring to chocolate candy? :)

As long as you keep the homemade candy away from drastic temperature changes, it should easily keep fine for the month. You just don't want it to be too warm or too cold because the chocolate will discover.

Once you have the candy bagged up in your party favor bags, don't store it next to anything that has a strong smell. Chocolate easily absorbs odors. You don't want your candy to end up smelling like garlic, onions, or even floral scented candles. :)

Take some photos and show them to us when you're done. We'd love to see your finished candy for your special event.


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