How long can frozen chocolate keep fresh????

by Paula Renne

aghh! last weekend i found my sisters huge frozen chocolate bar in the freezer, and i couldnt find an experation date..... i asked her when it was from and she had no clue, mumbeling somthing about last may (in 2009!ewww!) so anyway, my dad needed some chocolate for a recipe and used it, not knowing when it was from. so anyway, he made it yesterday, and luckily we stoped him in time, and now hes dying to know if he can eat it....


Hi Paula,

Put your poor dad out of his misery. Yes, he can eat his chocolate treat.

Chocolate stays fresh almost indefinitely, frozen or unfrozen. Yes, it can taste a little stale if it is mixed with other ingredients and they go funny, but even then, it shouldn't make anyone ill.

Plain chocolate bars, chips, etc., can be used years later.

The biggest issue with keeping chocolate in the freezer is that it sometimes gets discolored by a greyish or whitish bloom when the fats separate, but it's a fantastic idea to use the chocolate in a recipe. Fixes the cosmetic issue right up.

Let your dad at his chocolate, and tell him we'd love to have his recipe added here! :)


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Jun 04, 2015
Eating Out Of Date Hershey's Kisses
by: Angie

Hi James,

The short answer is "I would!" :)

Honestly, I don't think the kisses will hurt you in the slightest, particularly since they have been frozen.

Even if they had been left at room temp, the worst thing would likely be the "stale" taste. Chocolate can get a stale taste when it is past its prime but I wouldn't worry to much about it.

My rule of thumb is that if it still tastes good - eat it.

Try your frozen Hershey kisses and if they taste fine to you, enjoy them. Frozen chocolate does tend to have a little different taste (at least to me) in comparison to fresh chocolate, but I still enjoy it.

If you find they are ok-ish but still not as enjoyable as you had hoped, consider using the kisses in baking recipes (cookies, brownies, etc) as this will be a good way to make use of them and revive them a bit. ;)

Let me know what you end up doing with them.

P.S. I haven't been to Hershey, PA in probably a decade or more. I'm scheduled to be over that way in September so I'm hoping to pop in again and enjoy a fresh off the press Hershey kiss!

Jun 04, 2015
by: james pierce

In 2008 I was in Hershey pa and purchased several bags of candy kisses. They have been in the freezer in sealed bags. Question! Can I still eat the chocolate? ???

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