How long can a chocolate covered apple be refrigerated?

by Eleni

How long can a chocolate covered apple be refrigerated?

I am making chocolate covered apples for my daughter's birthday party. The party is on a Saturday. How far in advance can I make these treats?

Hi Eleni,

Chocolate covered apples keep well for at least a week. You should be able to go ahead and make them now and still have them tasting fresh on Saturday.

If the apples are completely fresh, you really only need to refrigerate them until the chocolate is set (about 15 minutes) and then you can leave them at room temperature until the birthday party.

That's assuming that it isn't too hot in your house. :)

I hope your daughter's birthday party is memorable and that your chocolate covered apples are a big hit! If you can, take a photo and show it off to us here.

Have fun!

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Oct 27, 2019
by: Judith


Maybe you can help me. When I dip my apples in melted chocolate chips, or chocolate bar it sticks nicely and hardens well. the issue is once they are hardened and I cut them the chocolate comes off the apples any idea on how to make it stick ? Do I need to add an ingredient to the chocolate like syrup?

Jul 07, 2011
thank you
by: anntoinette

I was so glad to find this answer. I had been searching for about 1/2 hr before coming across you. perfect question and great answer. thanks

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