How far in advance can I make chocolate covered pretzels?

How far in advance can I make chocolate covered pretzels?

I'm making chocolate covered pretzels for a school function. I need to make 350 so I need to make them in advance.

My concern is that they will get stale. Plus, can I put them in cellophane bags without causing them to lose their freshness?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Darlene,

Yes, you can make your chocolate covered pretzels in advance. What kind are you making?

It's been my experience that when the pretzels are completely covered in chocolate, they "keep" for a longer period of time.

If you are making chocolate covered pretzel rods with one end uncovered, they may not stay fresh quite as long. Even so, they shouldn't go stale for a good few weeks, even if you put them in their cellophane bags.

Just store the covered pretzels in an airtight container and away from strong smells.

Some people say that chocolate covered pretzels can keep without getting stale for about 3 weeks. I've kept them longer when stored carefully (a couple of months).

Let us know how your chocolate pretzels turn out. You can even upload a picture to show them off! :-)

~ Angie

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Nov 11, 2020
Jars of Chocolate Covered Pretzels for Christams Gifts NEW
by: Angie from Chocolate Candy Mall

As long as the jars don't have a smell to them (or in the lids) the chocolate covered pretzels should easily last a few months. Great idea!

Nov 11, 2020
Chocolate covered pretzel in jars NEW
by: Susa

How long would pretzels stay fresh if put in jars as Christmas gifts?

Jan 10, 2017
Storing Chocolate Covered Pretzels NEW
by: Angie from

It's best to not refrigerate your chocolates if you can help it. If the temperature is too warm in the house then you may have to refrigerate. The normally will be fine at room temperature. If you are storing them for long periods it would be best to place them in an airtight container for extra protection.

Jan 10, 2017
refridgerate or not NEW

Do you refridgerate or leave out at room temperature in you store them is little bags?

Dec 18, 2009
by: Anonymous

Thank you that was good advice!!

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